Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm show

I want to give a shout out to Independent Media because the Mainstream Media Sucks. No really. It has become absolutely ridiculous. It's no longer simply a chapter of Geroge Orwell's 1984. It is an episode straight out of the Twilight Zone. The comedy of errors has become absurd.

On the Fake News Friday episode of the Candice Malcolm show, Candice points out the obvious. The leadership debate is run by the government, not independent media. Those journalists aren’t journalists, they are activists promoting a leftist agenda. Now, when I say they are promoting a leftist agenda, I do not mean they are promoting social justice because that is a lie. One of many.

For example, Candice brings up the Universal basic income. That is a con. Socialists pretend to care about the poor just like they pretend to care about every other special interest group before they use them and betray them. There are no Aboriginal rights in Communism.

One of the pet peeves of Conservatives is the welfare state. Encouraging people not to work so they become dependent on the gouvernement. This is a trick and a trap. There is no welfare in Communism just like there are no legal drugs, Gay rights or Trade Union rights. Communism opposes all of that. There is no welfare in Communism. Just prisons and slave labour.

The reason leftists promote the welfare state is to make people dependent on the government. Once they are dependent on the government, the government takes away all of their rights and turns them into slaves. That is the end game of socialism. That is their only objective.

In Communism there are two classes: slaves and slave owners. This welfare state is just a trick to trap people into becoming slaves. All this nonsense about legal drugs. There are no legal drugs in Communism. That’s just a trick to weaken society so they can become slaves of the state.

The reason this is relevant is because of Post Media News. Post Media News owns most of the newspapers in Western Canada. They bought the Surrey Leader and the Surrey Now. After they did that they got rid of the Surrey Leader to eliminate competition. They didn’t merge the newspapers. They took the name and eliminated it. Now they control the narrative.

Postmedia News now owns the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province. They fired the chief editor of the Province and made one person editor of both papers. They are now clones of each other. The same journalists write for both papers. Potmedia News now owns the Toronto Sun.

The Vancouver Province ran an article from the Toronto Sun that said “Chairman Mao did great things.” That is straight out of the Twilight Zone. Chairman Mao was a mass murderer. That’s like saying Adolf Hitler did great things. Not. This exposes the bias and the agenda.

The reason this is relevant is because Postmedia News now owns Global Television. Global Television has become ridiculous. I was in the lunchroom at work when Global came on. They were misrepresenting the nurses and firemen objecting to mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment. They went off about anti-vaxxers complaining about microchips and Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a freak. He is a straight up Communist like George Soros. They aren’t cramming Communism down our throat to share their wealth. They are promoting Communism to increase their wealth by removing our rights. They want to become slave owners by turning us into slaves.

The Microsoft News Network is a subsidiary of Bill Gates' absurd ideology. It is worthless. Just like Google News. All this big tech pushing Communism isn’t to share their wealth. It’s to turn us into slaves by lying to us over and over. I cut the cable because it is just too ridiculous to watch.

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