Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Understanding Justin Trudeau Hate

Since hate for Justin Trudeau is at an all-time high, I thought it would be worthwhile explaining why to some of our friends who don't live here. I want to be clear in that I did not hate Justin Trudeau when he was first elected. I didn't support his selfish and irresponsible spending habits, but I was hopeful. Stephen Harper was an as*hole. We wanted something better.

Sadly, time revealed that he was worse than Harper. Harper admitted he was an as*hole. That was his MO. Justin Trudeau pretended to be something he wasn't. The term fake feminist is trending. He pretended to support women but we saw how many strong women he threw under the bus because they spoke their mind. He just wants women who do as their told.

He pretends to oppose Islamophobia, yet he admires the Communist genocide of Muslims in China. Everything about him is fake. He is nothing like his father. That's why I call him Commodus from the movie Gladiator. He's a wannabe dictator who covets power. His father protected civil liberty by law. Justin does not. Harper was an enemy of the Charter of Rights but so is Justin.

Justin Trudeau is completely irresponsible with money. He leads the world in pandemic debt. That is selfish and thoughtless. He doesn't care about our children's future. He's spending it.

By the end of Stephen Harper's tenure, hate for him was high just like it is now for Justin. We remember the famous page who boldly stood in the House of Commons with a sign that said Stop Harper. Now we see a whole Stop Justin movement. Lockdown protests have been well attended across the country. In all of them Justin Trudeau hate was high and it continues to grow.

Part of the problem is his obsession with Communist China. It spills over to his selling out our sovereignty to the UN and the WHO in the name of Globalism which is simply Communism rebranded. That is sheer insanity. We saw what happened in Cambodia, Poland and in East Berlin. That is a place none of us want to go.

Normally hate is pretty toxic but as the Birds declared, everything has it's time and place. Christians are taught to love their enemies but they're also encouraged to teach their children an everlasting hatred of sin. Hate the sin, love the sinner. For most of us it's pretty hard to distinguish between the two.

Often in cases of abuse, people feel anger or hatred which is a normal response to that evil. Yet we are told to forgive and forget so when we feel anger, we feel guilty. Instead of processing our anger we supress and deny it which leads to self-blame and addiction.

My father used to say feeling are neither right or wrong they just are. Everyone has a right to their feelings. How people express those feelings can be appropriate or inappropriate but everyone has a right to their feelings. Don't get me started on displaced aggression.

In fact, a councillor once told me it is important to get in touch with our feelings because our feelings are trying to tell us something. In cases of abuse, anger or hatred would simply mean something horrible was done. It's important for abuse victims to recognize that so they don't blame themselves and keep repeating the cycle.

Hate is toxic but it does have its time and place. There's a term righteous indignation. There's another term fury which can be the expression of righteous indignation. All I'm saying is that people have a right to be angry with Justin Trudeau. People have a right to hate him. How they express those feelings can be appropriate or inappropriate but they have a right to their feelings because in this case they are completely justified. Civil liberty is what wars are fought over. Justin Trudeau is a liar and a thief. Where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

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