Sunday, September 19, 2021

Supporting local business: a kaleidoscope of colours

Speaking of supporting local business, one local artist who happens to be a blog reader that passionately opposes mask and vaccine mandates, has posted art prints and T-shirts online. The colours are very vivid. The T-shirts are: It Is To Laugh of Thee in a Musical Rhythm - Into the VOID of Mystery - Madness Revisited - Love Lost Forever Known - Frozen Magnetic Calm
As we know, Clay Roueche is quite the artis as well and has hired someone to post his prints and T-shirts online. This is what we are allowed to do in a free market. Communism opposes the free market because they want people dependant on the government. When people are dependent on the government, they can't complain when the government takes their rights away.

Covid has been a full-scale attack on small business. The virus that was launched out of Wuhan has an objective. We have seen our rights taken away like never before. This domestic attack on our civil liberty is unprecedented as is the attack on our financial independence. Resist it.

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