Friday, September 17, 2021

BC Schools on lockdown after parents expressed concerns about vaccination of minors without parental consent

This is another example of media misrepresentation. A group of parents went to two shcools where they were having pop up vaccination clinics without parental consent. They went inside their children's school to talk to the principal. The media spins that to read schools on lockdown after crazed protesters enter school - Global's Postmedia News.

Is a parent allowed to enter their child's school? Schools need parental consent for their children to go on a field trip but they are vaccinating children without their parents consent. That is a criminal offense. 100 young people were hospitalized in Ontario because the RNA vaccine gave them cardiomyopathy - a virus in the heart. The RNA bypasses the immune system.

Vaccinating children without their parent's consent is crazy. Quoting the Socialist Party as though it was credible is crazy. The media misrepresentation is obscene. That road leads to a bad place.

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