Saturday, September 4, 2021

Spike's funeral Today

I was told it was Spike's funeral today after losing his second round with cancer but I wasn't going to say anything. I don't cover funerals and believe people should be allowed to buried their dead in peace. However, since Kim Bolan once again jumped at the opportunity and printed everything the Compromise CFSEU told, her I will comment. I don't have a problem with Spike and I don't have a problem with Jesse. I have a problem with 8151 and the Cub Pack.

Kim Bolan reported that "CFSEU officers, as well as anti-gang units from other Lower Mainland RCMP detachment and police forces, monitored the funeral and the reception afterwards at the Haney HA clubhouse in Pitt Meadows." That's where she gets her intel from.

Kim Bolan admitted that "One of the Greece members at the funeral, former Lower Mainland resident Damion Ryan, was featured on a poster released by police in May warning the public about gangsters who could be targeted." As I previously pointed out, the VPD putting Damion Ryan on their wanted list was a scam. The POS is in Witness Protection. F*ck him.

Damion Ryan got his filthy few patch for killing a Quebec member in Greece - Gumby's co accused. Gumby has lost his mind. Capping Quebec members? There's no L&R there. Those guys weren't rats. They skipped town before the bust because they had a dirty cop on the payroll. Communications were monitored. It was impossible for them to warn Larry and Moe.

They killed the other Quebec member in Colombia. These guys weren't rats. They weren't in a position to testify. They had left the country. Larry was just pissed they got off when he didn't. Larry Amero isn't from Surrey. He's from the suburbs in Walnut Grove. His buddy Jonathon Bacon was a f*ck up. What does that make Larry? Expendable.

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