Sunday, September 26, 2021

Laura Lynn Tyler Thomson interviews a Paramedic

Update: Dr Trozzi's observations in the ER in Toronto

Laura Lynn Tyler Thomson interviews Dr. Charles Hoffe from Lytton, BC who discusses the science behind micro blood clots that damage your capillaries from the Ccovid vaccine which causes myocarditis. She also shows a clip of Dr Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA vaccines before interviewing a paramedic ar 22:00 who discusses his own observations of reactions.

Previously, Post Media News lied and said Alberta ICUs were full of Covid patients when they were really filled with a backlog of surgeries. It's worse now because the vaccine mandate has amplified the nurse shortage and the number of ICU beds available relate to the number of nurses on staff. That's one of the reason the BC nurses' Union opposes the vaccine mandate. Now the hospitals are filling up not from Ccovid but from adverse reactions to the vaccine.

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