Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Canadian election results 2021

Update: Complete results by riding

South Surrey, Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack all re-elected Conservatives. Conservatives were re-elected in 8 of the 9 ridings in the Interior of BC.

Leslyn Lewis elected MP in Ontario

Bloomberg is reporting that as of 3:00 AM the Liberals are leading in 158 ridings, the Conservatives 119, the Bloc 34, the NDP 25, the Green 2 and the PPC 0. That means Liberals would gain 1 seat, Conservatives would lose 2, Bloc gain 2, NDP gain 1 and Green lose 1.

The only possible explanation for the Liberals gaining a seat and the Conservatives losing 2 seats would be the fact that the PPC split the vote. Justin Trudeau hate is on the rise and this election has not changed that. It's only entrenched it. Justin Trudeau's new mandate: We hate him.

The Liberals popularity vote was 32.2%, the Conservatives 34.0%, the Bloc 7.7%, the NDP 17.7%, the Green 2.3% amd the PPC 5.1%. That means the PPC has twice the popularity vote as the Green Party. Justin Trudeau's popularity went down 0.8% from his last fall to a minority government even though he gained a seat. The Green dropped in popularity while the PPC rose.

In Nova Scotia two Liberals lost their seat to Conservatives. Tories won their provincial election.

The good news is that since Erin O'Toole lost ground Andrew Sheer made, they can now pick a Conservative leader this time instead of a Globalist. That won't split the vote again. If Maxime Bernier was leader of the Conservatives , we would make huge gains.

Remember when Stephen Harper betrayed Jean Charest and blocked him from the Conservative leadership bid in favor of his pet Globalist Peter McKay? That was a dirty deed. We are not going to win a federal election without Quebec and we are not going to win Quebec without someone who can speak French properly. Jean Charest could do that. Peter McKay could not.

I love the expression on his wife's face seeing him wear a cowboy hat in Calgary.

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