Sunday, November 7, 2021

Justin Trudeau's crazy talk at COP26

Anthony Furey, the editor of the Toronto Sun posted a video about Justin Trudeau's crazy talk at Cop26 in Scotland. A global carbon tax is batsh*t crazy. We all know that carbon tax is just another scam for more tax. As I have explained, Socialists want more government, less freedom and more tax while Conservatives want less government, more freedom and less tax.
Anthony Furey pointed out that Justin Trudeau made these crazy statements outside of Canada at another global forum. This global forum contained his wealthy fake environmentalist friends that support industrial coal in Communist China. They have no desire to stop climate change. They simply want to bring about the economic changes to usurer in Communism.

If they cared about the environment, they would promote natural gas over industrial coal. That would be a colossal step forward in reducing global CO2 emissions. If Germany wants to twin their natural gas pipeline to Russia, have at it. Germany phasing out it's industrial coal plants with natural gas would be a huge step forward. Trump opposed that because he wanted to sell them American coal. Although Joe Biden is an idiot, not everything that Donald Trump did was right. We need to look at the issues and not give anyone a blank cheque.

The bottom line is that these global forums are Orwellian. It's all about using any excuse they can find to take more freedom away from us and give them more power and more money. Justin Trudeau has been reduced to a minority government for a reason. A lot of people hate him now. He received less votes than Andrew Sheer and Erin O'Toole.

He's pushing globalism because he wants more power and more money. He is a glutton. Justin Trudeau says he wants zero CO2 emissions. Human beings exhale CO2. What's he going to do, kill everyone on the planet? That will kill all the trees. They need CO2. The climate is changing. We're no longer in the ice age. That's a good thing. We all know that pollution is bad. Planting trees is good. Yet this obsession with globalization is far more concerning than climate change.

They are using fake environmentalism as an excuse to turn us into slaves and make them rich. Justin Trudeau wearing a poppy while he promotes Communism is offensive. He does not support the freedom those brave soldiers died for. He's on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Justin Trudeau supports the wrong troops.

Any kind of global tax is insane. It involves giving up our sovereignty to foreign governments and supporting taxation without representation. Something the Boston Tea Party already addressed.

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