Saturday, December 21, 2019

Germany and Russia decry US sanctions over pipeline

NBC is reporting that "Russia vowed Saturday to press ahead with building a controversial natural gas pipeline to Europe in spite of new sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump. 'Russia has implemented and will continue to implement its economic projects regardless of anyone's sanctions,' the country's foreign ministry said in a statement. Trump enacted legislation Friday that will sanction companies and individuals involved in laying the Nord Stream 2 pipeline through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. The U.S. has long opposed the 750-mile pipeline, arguing it will leave Europe overly dependent on Russia for energy supply."

AYFKM? Who the f*ck is the United States to say that Germany cannot build a second pipeline to Russia? One already exists. They are simply twining it to double production. The BBC is reporting that Germany and Russia decry US sanctions. No kidding. This has nothing to do with you.

Germany needs the natural gas to phase out coal. This is in the world's best interest. Industrial coal is the biggest threat to climate change there is. Natural gas is clean burning. Coal is not. Give your head a shake. German coal plant exposed as Europe’s single worst air polluter.

This ties in with Turkey's invasion of Syria. We need to stop supporting oil wars. Back in the day, wars and sanctions were based on moral principles. Now they are based on profit and greed. The system is broken and we need to fix it. We've lost our moral compass so we have.

This also ties in with the arrest of Wanzhou Meng, the Huawei CEO, in Vancouver. The Communist Party of China is a piece of sh*t for arresting and detaining Canadians without charge and without legal representation in a fair trial. We expect as much from a Communist dictatorship that tramples civil liberty as part of it's mission statement. We expect more from ourselves.

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