Monday, December 2, 2019

Fatal shooting in Surrey: Verron Nand

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Homicide detectives say a man was shot dead and another was taken to hospital with serious gunshot wounds shortly before 11 p.m. Sunday, in the 13600-block of 114th Avenue in Surrey. The victims are known to police."

Update: The compromised BC Gang Task force told Dr Kim that the fatality was a Brothers Keepers Associate. As Dr Kim has pointed out, the Brother's Keepers have had internal feuds before. I imagine everything is a bit tense after the Hells Angels killed Suminder Grewal.

Especially since some of the Brothers Keepers were selling in Chilliwack. Global is reporting that a car was found on fire in Burnaby after the recent Surrey shooting. That's more signs of a HA hit than a handful of idiots shooting at each other. Quebec is experiencing the same internal purge BC is. Only the BC HAs are trying to blame rivals to create plausible deniability. Just like Mom Boucher did before the Rock Machine all crossed over.

The Peace arch News is reporting that "Police have released the identity of Surrey’s most recent homicide victim." Verron Nand, 21, was shot dead on Sunday night in Bolivar Heights.

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