Sunday, December 1, 2019

Another Hells Angels crystal meth bust in Thailand

The British Sun is reporting that "Cops in Thailand are hunting a Brit drug kingpin after three Australians with reported links to the Hells Angels were arrested in coordinated raids. The men were busted by vice cops in the notorious Sin City resort of Pattaya and in Buriram province, 250 miles northeast of Bangkok." 1.1 kilos of crystal meth were seized in the raid.

"They believe the three Aussies are connected to the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle gang which is said to have become heavily involved in drugs trafficking across Asia. They are now hunting for Christopher Depp, a Brit they believe is the leader of the drugs cell operating out of the sprawling red light city - a notorious hideout for foreign criminals."

"The police chief said: ''Several police forces worked together to target the transnational drug trafficking gangs which were connected to the Hells Angels and Comanchero gang. They were operating in Pattaya and many people are involved."

The Pattaya Mail is reporting that "Tihomer Stojic, 47, was arrested at his girlfriend’s house in Buri Ram Nov. 28 while Jamie Robert Hanson, 46, and Steven Brett Hovi, 58, were captured in separate raids on their Pattaya homes a day earlier."

"Hanson and Hovi were caught with 1.1 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, a handgun, drug paraphernalia, and financial records of a million baht in drug deals. All those arrested are alleged to be involved in smuggling methamphetamines and heroin from Thailand to the Hells Angels and Comanchero motorcycle gangs in Australia."

Here we have the Hells Angels responsible for the crystal meth epidemic in Australia and across Asia. Why then is the BC Gang task force in bed with them? Answer that.

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