Saturday, December 7, 2019

Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua: Joshua takes the decision

Anthony Joshua is boxing tactfully like a chess match. Andy Ruiz is consistent and stalwart. No matter what happens, I want to see more from both of these boxers in the future. Joshua is keeping his distance then jumping in with a clinch. Effective but cheap. Joshua is afraid of Ruiz's power and hand speed. Joshua will not engage him. He's just jabbing and clinching.

Joshua takes the decision by winning the rounds but he didn't engage Ruiz. A standard professional boxing ring is between 16 and 20 feet. This one in Saudi Arabia was 22 feet in Joshua's favor. Andy Ruiz had faster hands but slower feet.

Andy Ruiz mad hash respect. For a cheap thrill call Anthony Joshua.

Hats off to Dazn the new Netflix of sports. Lets see some more Mexicano boxing in Vancouver. I want to see Andy Ruiz fight again but I want to see him fight someone else. I want to follow his career. Andy is welcome in Vancouver. Nobody wants to watch a clinch master any more.

After round 7 Joshua started over using the clinch. With 42 seconds left in round 7 Joshua literally jumped in to clinch because at the end of round 4 and 6 he started getting tagged in the clinch before the ref separated them.

If you want to box someone and use your reach have at it but over using the clinch expecting the ref to separate you all the time is considered cheap in the new MMA world order. Joshua would like to mix it up with Ruiz but he can't win that way against Ruiz because Ruiz is better at that range then he is. Joshua showed great discipline staying out of that range but over using the clinch isn't something the new world likes to see any more. In MMA the fight begins in the clinch.

Joshua has skills and fitness. The Klitschkos are well respected but to get all cockey and go off about how he's the heavyweight champion of the world give me your money is unrealistic. He won on points. It was not a decisive victory to get all cocky about. Ruiz wasn't gassed. It looked like Ruiz was holding back. That might have been because he was frustrated he couldn't get his range but he was not as aggressive this fight then he was in the last.

In the First fight Joshua was seeing stars. Ruiz rock him. In this fight Ruiz barely broke a sweat. He was frustrated but he was not hurt. He was not phased. Ruiz's trainer wanted him at camp in July. He showed up in September. Joshua was in the gym the entire six months. In the first fight Joshua didn't take it seriously. In the second fight Ruiz didn't take it seriously. He was eating tacos with the Prince the night before the fight. He's still a people's champ.

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