Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Kelowna RCMP Officer faces another sexual harassment lawsuit

Global is reporting that "A second person has filed a notice of civil claim against former Kelowna RCMP officer Brian Matthew Burkett. The newest claim was filed in Kelowna Supreme Court on Monday, alleging that Burkett tried to pursue a sexual relationship with the plaintiff, and that he sexually harassed her. The claim says the incidents stemmed from when Burkett visited the plaintiff in May 2016 following a report of domestic assault."

"In September, the B.C. Prosecution Service announced that Burkett was facing charges after allegations of misconduct against seven people. In October, another female plaintiff filed a civil claim, stating Burkett sexually harassed her by repeatedly texting and requesting explicit pictures of her breasts and genitalia."

Castanet reported that "According to court documents, Brian Mathew Burkett is alleged to have committed breach of trust “in connection with the duties of his office by pursuing a sexual relationship” with several people between October 2015 and August 2016." He's no longer with the RCMP but this has been standard procedure for many years.

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