Monday, December 16, 2019

The Forgotten History of Operation Fast and Furious

The Active Post has posted a timely year end recap of Operation Fast and Furious. "You probably know what was officially called “Project Gunrunner” as “Operation Fast and Furious.” Started under George W. Bush, this ATF policy audaciously grew under President Obama and became indicative of the perceived attack on American gun owners by both policy makers and their friends in the establishment media."

The ATF were selling guns to El Chapo and the Mexican cartel in exchange for tons of cocaine that they brought into the United States and Canada. I kid you not.

We've talked about the Gary Web story which was made into a movie called Kill the Messenger and followed up by Freeway: Crack in the System. Iran Contra never stopped. The CIA has been deeply involved with drug trafficking since the Vietnam war. That's why they killed Major Charles McKee. The CIA learned from Judge Bonner is that if they want to continue drug trafficking they'll have to infiltrate the ATF and the DEA. That's exactly what they did. Just ask Michael Kramer.

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