Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Creating New Christmas Traditions

Not to minimize another local fatality but I want to pause and reflect on the solemnities of the season. I'm starting to get a little bit festive so I am. Usually I'm pretty ornery this time of year. I distance myself from the drama and hype. For many Christmas is a depressing time of year as it is a reminder of bad times or missing lost loved ones. They say there's a high suicide rate at Christmas. That is the concern that I want to address.

If lost loved ones is the concern enjoy the positive memories knowing that life does not end at death. You will see them again but not yet. The spirit world is right here. Our loved ones are not far from us. Surely that knowledge brings peace.

Yet if moving past bad relationships is the concern, thank your lucky stars. Instead of dwelling on the past, sometimes it's nice to start new traditions. Leave some of the old decorations in storage and buy a new decoration. As time passes you will have a collection of new decorations and new memories to replace the less than desirable ones.

I like the German Christmas market in Vancouver. It's also nice to head up the mountains around Christmas since we often don't get much snow in the city. Don't forget the legendary Christmas sale at the Surrey gun store December 7th. There's nothing like a case of ammo under the tree. Now that's keeping it real. If today sucks just remember tomorrow will be a better day.

Nevertheless, sometimes the easiest thing to do is not celebrate Christmas at all. Leave the decorations in storage and let one pass you by. The sky will not fall. The earth will continue to rotate. The sun will rise in the morning. Sometimes it's safer just to let the storm pass you by.

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