Thursday, December 12, 2019

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to resign imminently

Global is reporting that "Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is resigning. But he says he will stay on as leader until his replacement is chosen and continue to serve as MP for Regina—Qu’Appelle. His resignation comes as a direct result of new revelations that he was using Conservative Party money to pay for his children’s private schooling, according to Conservative sources who spoke with Global News."

That is unfortunate. Andrew Sheer made huge gains in the last election. Gains that Jason Kenney most certainly would not have attained. Andrew Sheer received a higher over all popularity vote than Justin Trudeau. Thankfully Jason Kenny's popularity is nosediving so it is unlikely he will get his coveted dream of leading the federal conservatives as Sheer's replacement.

In Andrew Sheer's defense I will simply point out the obvious double standard. Christie Clark was receiving a salary from campaign funds in addition to her salary as Premier and even though that made the New York Times, nothing was done about it. She certainly could have used that additional salary to pay for her kids private school and she would not have resigned.

However, since he has announced his resignation as leader of the party, Green Justice nominates Thomas Mulcair for leader of the Federal Conservatives. Je me souviens. If you have the courage to embrace that, the Conservatives will win the next election. Mark my word.

Thomas Mulcair is a Quebecer that supports a balanced budget.

The Canadian Press' ridiculous claim that "the Conservatives will not win in Ontario and Quebec if they can't put up a leader who will march comfortably, and be welcome, in Pride parades" is indeed laughable. Do you really think it's important for French Catholics to see a leader comfortable dancing like an idiot in a Gay Pride Parade? Queberers care about Quebec. If you can't speak French they don't trust you to represent them. Brian Mulroney was from Quebec. He didn't dance in Gay Pride parades. Brian Mulroney is not what we want but we need someone from that region. The rest of the country is sick and tired of Alberta's me first rhetoric.

Hey Alberta, it's not all about you. Get over it.

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