Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hells Angels responsible for Brother's Keepers violence

The compromised BC gang task force told Dr Kim that the violence within the Brother's Keepers gang that saw the founder shot dead in North Vancouver Christmas 2017 was internal. What they didn't tell you is that the Hells Angels are once again the ones responsible.

One faction wanted to sell drugs for the Hells Angels, the other faction didn't. Once again, just like with the Surrey Six, the Hells Angels were successful in taking over the leadership of the Brothers Keepers and have hired them to create havoc within the IndoCanadian community in Surrey. As Chris Tucker said in Rush Hour, "Follow the rich white man."


  1. "Each got two-month conditional sentences and a year’s probation. The judges in each case declined to impose firearms prohibitions" and "an agreed statement of facts that made no mention of the gang link".

    Who was paid off to ensure 1 year probation for attempted murder and no mention of organized crime involvement, among others?

    1. Yes that was a pretty pathetic sentence. "An agreed statement of facts that made no mention of the gang link." That would implicate the crown.

  2. LMMFAO. Revenue Canada needs to start investigating the financial dealings of all these crooked judges and lawyers, but even if they did, chances are it would be the same pathetic limp dick dishrag results the system in BC specializes in....because every one is either apathetic or paid off or both.


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