Friday, June 28, 2019

Langley farm teaches recovering addicts life skills

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "For over a decade, Surrey’s John Volken Academy has been housing, helping and rehabbing men and women in a two-year program that uses a therapeutic community model to retrain the newly sober in basic life skills. Now turf is about to be broken on a new project in Langley that will connect the academy’s students with another kind of opportunity: to work on an agri-tourism farm open to the public that will feature bison and water buffalo, with on-site milking."

"The 108-acre property at 3892 232nd Street in Langley will be a working farm where participants can learn transferable life skills like welding, carpentry, sales, cheesemaking, dairy farming, cooking and caring for animals, said Vance."

Well done. Surrey’s John Volken Academy helps addicts get off drugs and teaches them life skills by giving them a job at Price Pro. Now this farm is another step in the right direction.

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  1. Great! it is not enough that people become "clean", they need to stay clean and for that they need life skills and that takes time. For many recovering people, getting away from their old life makes it easier to stay clean and sober.


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