Sunday, June 23, 2019

Surrey’s notorious Flamingo Hotel takes its final bow

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Global is reporting that "One of the longest-standing symbols of Surrey's past was brought down with a bang Saturday as crews demolished the notorious Flamingo Hotel. Hundreds of people came down to Whalley to watch the demolition, which was approved by council earlier this year. The hotel, which housed one of the Lower Mainland's last stripper bars for more than four decades, will be replaced over the next few years by three residential towers and other developments."

As the sounds of Kool & the Gang's Celebration blared over the speakers, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum helped operate the excavator that tore down the first section of the building as controlled explosives did the rest of the work. Still wearing his hard hat, McCallum said taking down the hotel and bar was a sign that the area is turning a corner. "It's an area where people want to live and work and play in, and we can see it in the number of people looking to buy here and the number of developers who want to build here," he said. "It's a symbol that we're entering a new generation." Indeed. Get ready for the New York model.

"The Flamingo first opened in 1955 as a modest hotel with 20 rooms. It later added a liquor store and a cabaret to the property. But it was the opening of the Byrd Pub in the 1970s, featuring the showroom with its brass pole and the Tropic Lounge, that earned the Flamingo its notoriety. The pub had its share of fights, stabbings and shady characters over the years. At least two murder victims were last seen at the Byrd before their bodies were found."

Well done. The Byrd was a sh*t hole and Panchos was a toilet waiting to be flushed. The Hells Angels ran the drugs out of those cesspools right up until their closing. Now we just have to target Shakerz. Since Randy Jones lied and said that dump is under new management it's time we made that lie a reality. The Hells Angels have worn out their welcome in Surrey. From the Surrey House of Horrors to the Janice Shore murder enough is enough - Finian's Inferno.

Strippernet, which is one of the many exotic dance companies the Hells Angels own, listed the Flamingo Hotel in Surrey as it's mailing address.


  1. omg, the Flamingo is gone? Surrey really is moving in a new direction, can't imagine surrey as it was without the Flamingo, but then Surrey isn't the place it once was. took a long time, but change has come.

    When real estate values become high enough that developers want to move in, other things move out.

  2. Good start. Next bulldoze the homes of all the gangsters and drug dealers!


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