Monday, June 10, 2019

Hong Kong protests extradition

The Guardian is reporting that "The leader of Hong Kong’s government has said she remains determined to pass a proposed extradition law despite a huge protest march against the legislation on Sunday that drew hundreds of thousands of people. The bill creates a system for case-by-case fugitive transfers between semi-autonomous Hong Kong and regions with which it does not already have agreements, including mainland China. Opponents of the law say it is being pushed by the Chinese government, and fear that Beijing will use it to extradite activists, dissidents and other political opponents who will end up in China’s opaque and politicised courts."

Global is reporting that "the implications of the extradition bill resonate around the world, as similar marches and demonstrations against the proposed legislation took place in other countries, including Canada and Australia. In Vancouver, more than 100 people marched on the Chinese consulate on Sunday. In Sydney, Australia, more than 1,000 people came out to urge their government to denounce the bill."

What's the concern? The concern is that Communist China will arrest activists in Hong Kong and take those political prisoners to mainland China where they will be executed to order for their organs like all the other political prisoners in China. This is a genocide. Read all about it.

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