Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain expansion

The National Post is reporting that "The federal government has announced it is moving ahead with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, ending months of speculation over the development and offering some relief to the embattled oil and gas sector amid a years-long pipeline bottleneck. “We have been assured by the company that their plan is to start construction this summer,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of Trans Mountain Tuesday, just after his cabinet re-approved the project. “There is still a number of immediate steps to do in terms of permitting, but the pipeline is to have shovels in the ground this summer.”

OK I'm a little bit confused. Justin Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline with tax dollars. He passes a bill banning tanker traffic on the west coast then approves the expansion of the pipeline. Why would you approve the expansion of the pipeline then ban all tanker traffic? WTF?

All I can say is that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. God Damn Jason Kenney and God Damn Post Media News. Be assured, if you sell that pipeline to Communist China, there will be Hell to pay.


  1. The tankers for this pipeline will leave Vancouver. the ban on tankers is for northern B.C. and that is a different type of sea. Compared to the southern coast, the north is totally different. Way wilder, stronger and there all sorts of islands which get in the way. A check of a more detailed maps will show it all.

    I'm not in favour of shipping this tar anywhere. It ought to stay in the ground except perhaps if we need ourselves and can refine it at source.

    As to Trudeau and brains, he is much more clever than Scheer. Have a look at the CBC news about one of the Conservatives latest pronouncements on Muslims. Its very racist. We don't need people like them leading this country. Trudeau has done much more for Canada than Harper ever did.

    1. So they are approving tar sands bitumen out of Vancouver but banning Natural gas out of Kitimat? Natural gas is a lot better for the environment that tar sands bitumen.

  2. as I understand it a consortium of First Nations intends to purchase the pipeline once it is finished. Haven't heard anything about the pipeline being sold to communist china they own enough of our natural resources in alberta as it is. their companies are not good corporate citizens. the knowledge network has been running some documentaries on the new silk road china is buiding and not all is going well and not all citizens of various countries are happy about what is going on. China brings in its own workers in many cases or uses local labour for the "lesser" jobs and there are safety concerns. Canada needs to own its own resources.


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