Saturday, June 15, 2019

Anti-gay message in Catholic bulletin sparks outrage

CBC is reporting that "People in eastern Ontario's Prince Edward County are showing support for the gay community after a message in a Picton church bulletin warned that Catholics and Christians should stay away from harmful Pride events." AYFKM?

The Catholic Church, as with any other person, religion or political party, has the right to believe what they choose to be right and wrong. Even if that doesn't fit in with your beliefs.

Pride events are harmful because they are not inclusive and they promote promiscuity. Dancing around in public half naked or wearing lingerie handing out free condoms. That's not the place I'd like to take young children to. It is very worldly.

No one wants to see a Gay or Lesbian kid commit suicide. Yet all forms of extremism should be shunned and promoting promiscuity is one of them. The bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong. Catholics are allowed to believe in the bible. You can't force a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or Baha'i to perform Gay marriages if it is against their religion to do so. Get over it. That doesn't mean you or anyone else is not allowed to be Gay. It just means you can't force your beliefs on them any more than they can force their beliefs on you.

Telling kids there is no such thing as gender is harmful and stupid. The biological reproductive organs declare that Gender does exist. Caitlyn Jenner is not a role model. Caitlyn is a part of society we accept. Caitlyn is like an agnostic. They don't know what they believe. Caitlyn used to be a man, who became a woman and still prefers to have sex with women. So what public restroom does she use that wouldn't make others feel uncomfortable? The LGTB extremists have dumped Caitlyn because of her political beliefs. Go figure. She was a role model as long as she agreed with them. As soon as she starts to question them, they dump her. That is sad.

Rick Mercer is a great guy. His political satire show was awesome and lasted 15 years. Recently he posted a video confronting Jason Kenny's homophobia. I didn't realize Rick Mercer was Gay and I don't care. He's a great guy. He's funny and smart. Jason Kenney's flaming homophobia is a bit over the top. I think he's over compensating for something. It's like those TV evangelists that publicly denounce homosexuality then are caught with a Gay prostitute. Jason Kenney is more conflicted that Caitlyn Jenner. People have the right to be who they are and what they are. People don't have the right to force their beliefs on others. It really is that simple.


  1. Very well said. "Hear, hear".

    Yeah, I had no clue Mercer was gay either. Don't care.

  2. Ummm beyond homosexuality being the fall of the roman empire....i have a blood relative that is gay.. she nor i think that they need to teach or program alternitive life styles.. if it iz natural it will happen.. .. . There are many adualecent relationships that fail.. does that mean in time of dezporation one becomes a lbth.. .. NOO it is family vaulues that we reley on and should continue to... the drum beaters are a dare to be different crew that seek attention
    . Most people that fall behind the lines of gender bending prefer to be private and the IN YOUR FACE.. type are offencive to all.. the general populas is ok with the differance in sexual opinion.. the ones that rock like this is their 20 min. Of fame ar homo supremist.. if we can all agree on that.. white supremest are a problem.. lets do the math

  3. Pretty much on target, except for the white supremacist bit, there really aren't that many of them, the few there are serve more to justify the people beaking off about "white supremacists".

    The FA/ANTIFA thing is a great example. In Germany, FA/ANTIFA (yes, it's an import, nobody in NA knew what that expression meant until 3-4 year ago whereas it's been a thing over there for decades) whenever the Neo-Nazi's (FA, for "fascist") have a public rally, or parade, the ANTIFA (Communist, "Socialist", "Anarchist" they aren't true Anarchist's either) outnumber them 5-1. Interestingly enough the Neo-Nazi's aren't the one's wearing masks.....

    My point is there's so few Neo-Nazi's around, and so universally laughed at for being douchebags that the biggest purpose they serve is to justify the existence of ANTIFA types. I laugh every time I see them parading around in NA with signs that say "No Nazi's", or the red circle with a line through a swastika, or "ANTIFA" because I look around and I don't see any Neo-Nazi's......the truth is is more just a cover politically for people who hate their country, or want to over throw the social order of the society they live. Buncha oxygen thieves most of them, can't even debate their own supposed ideology (which is always Marxist-Leninist, aka Communist, but since that doesn't play well they call themselves "Socialist" or "Progressive") without sounding stupid. Go actually read Marx or Lenin and you will be surprised at how often the word "progressive" pops up. These folks have their own little language that they all know what it means but you don't, to you "progressive" sounds good, right? I mean, who could be against progress? If you are against "Progressives", you must be a fascist, a mysoginist, a homophobe, a rascist, a white supremacist,etc..

  4. Most of the activists promoting "alternative lifestyles" so aggressively are intentionally trying to groom and sexualize children.

  5. Yup. Witness that 10 year old kid dressed up in drag "performing" for adult men in a gay bar. That kids parents have more than a few screws loose.


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