Sunday, June 23, 2019

Montreal Hells Angel dies in prison

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Under a cloudy sky Thursday morning, hundreds of Hells Angels from across Canada showed up in force at an Urgel Bourgie funeral home on Beaubien St. E. in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to mourn the loss of André (Frisé) Sauvageau." Who died in prison May 26 of natural causes at the age of 63."

Dec. 19, 2000, Sauvageau, a founding member of the Rock Machine, was told that, as far as the Hells Angels were concerned, “the door (was) always open” to him. He defected to the Hells soon after and remained a member of the gang till his death May 26. When Sauvageau defected in 2000, he was initially made a member of the Hells Angels’ Nomads chapter in Ontario and, in December 2003, he transferred to the Montreal chapter.

Paul Porter used to be a member of the Rock Machine in Quebec. He crossed over from the Rock Machine along with the gangs founders and a few other leaders in 2000 right before Mom Boucher went to prison. Mom Boucher greeted these guys including Paul Porter with hugs and kisses. A while ago I reported that I went for lunch with a guy visiting Vancouver from Montreal. He said that a member of the Rock Machine told him that Mom Boucher had paid members of the Rock Machine to murder some of his own political rivals within the Hells Angels. That is what he said a member of the Rock Machine told him.

"Sauvageau was presumably at the head of a lucrative cocaine smuggling ring in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district that was brewing several million a year, according to court documents related to this investigation, which Le Journal obtained a copy of. He had been incriminated by one of his main lieutenants, Patrick Corbeil, who chose to turn his back on him by deciding to become an informer for the judicial part of this operation. Corbeil told the police that their organization was selling close to 50 kilograms of cocaine a year, between 2011 and 2015."

"Sauvageau also reportedly oversaw the Hells Angels' 10% tax system on the sales of traffickers doing business on most of the drug market in Quebec, which is now under the control of bikers. During the investigation, the police observed Sauvageau several times in the company of major Montreal organized crime actors, including the godfather of street gangs Gregory Wooley, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence after being arrested in the same roundup."


  1. "Mom Boucher had paid members of the Rock Machine to murder some of his own political rivals within the Hells Angels".

    We saw that with the Ontario Nomads being targeted.

    1. Yeah but that wasn't done in secret. That was give us our drug turf back or else. What Mom Boucher did was spineless and deceitful.


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