Friday, June 14, 2019

The Criminal Culpability of Jason Kenney

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "While Metro Vancouver gas prices smashed one record-high after another in May, fuel costs continue to fall in the Lower Mainland this month. Not only have June gas prices continued to fall in Vancouver, but some stations are also showing costs as low as 137.9 cents per litre. In contrast, gas stations in the Lower Mainland were showing prices as high as 172.9 cents per litre on Saturday, April 20." That's exactly what I was going to say.

We know that the recent over the top spike in the price of gas in April was a defiant fraud based on price fixing and Jason Kenney has publicly admitted criminal culpability in his daily full page adds in the Vancouver corporate tabloid.

Back in March CBC mentioned price fixing when gas hit $1.50 a litre. The next month after Jason Kenney was elected it hit $170.00 a litre. Then he runs these really offensive and completely dishonest full page adds in the Vancouver tabloid that said "WANT CHEAPER GAS? TRY MORE SUPPLY." He then admits that gas prices in the Lower Mainalnd are the highest in North America.

He also admits that "Most of the product that fuels vehicles in the Vancouver area is delivered via the Trans Mountain pipeline. By continuing to obstruct it's expansion, the Horgan government is making a bad situation worse. Let's work together to make life more affordable." Great idea. Let's work together to make life more affordable by sending Jason Kenney to jail for price fixing.

We knew April's spike in gas price was a complete fraud based on price fixing but here Jason Kenney is publicly boasting about his culpability in that fraud trying to extort BC tax payers. We already exposed the Alberta lie for what it is. Pipelines for Alberta tar sands bitumen already exist all the way to Chicago and Detroit. It's not John Horgan's fault they stopped accepting it because of the petroleum coke byproduct. That's not our fault.

A pipeline already exits in BC for Alberta unrefined crude. John Horgan did not stop or restrict that. Blaming John Horgan for the spike in the price of gas was a bold faced lie. Jason Kenney did it and he publicly admitted it. He basically said we've raised the price of gas until you approve a new pipeline for the tar sands bitumen Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting.

Recently someone wrote into the paper and asked Is Premier John Horgan behind lower gas prices? Actually maybe he is. John Horgan did launch an investigation into price fixing. Now we need to take the next step and file a court action like was done in Quebec. CBC reported that price fixing in the gas industry has occurred in Canada. In 2017 CBC reported that "A 10-year legal battle has resulted in a $17-million out-of-court settlement between a group of Eastern Township motorists and a number of gas retailers in the area."

John Horgan launches an investigation into price fixing and the price of gas mysteriously starts dropping. Next we need to file criminal charges and send Jason Kenny to jail. Jason Kenney wants Andrew Sheers job. That clown doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting elected PM. How can you get elected Premier when you've pissed off BC and Quebec and told all the smaller provinces equalization payments have to stop. That clown will not get elected federally.

Jason Kenney is a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. Until he gets bucked off his mechanical bronco and his own lies send him directly to jail. Then it will be goodbye good riddance. The internet killed the rodeo clown.

For the record, John Horgan's economy is doing a lot better than Jason Kenney's economy. Why is that? Because Jason Kenney is a dinosaur. You can't put all your eggs in one basket forever and not have that eventual come back to bite you in the ass. Alberta needs to diversify. They need to evolve. They need to progress. It' that simple. Stop blaming us for your failures. Take responsibility for your own life and make it better. No one likes an arrogant bully who lies.


  1. OH HOW I ENJOYED THIS READ! Like the idea too, Jason Kenny in jail. the man is a menace. He is another Ford, except Kenny lost weight before the election. Both of them want Scheer's job and wish him the worst in the upcoming election.

    Kenney is a cruel man. Check out his self described claim to fame in San Francisco. The sooner he leaves politics the better for humanity.

    That tar which comes out of Alberta goes to China, why should we destroy our environment to keep them happy.

  2. Whats with all this Us and Them (political parties-oil patch environmental)and start using the word We, Oil and Gas are going to be around for a while yet but if both sides sat down and started working together We might actually get something done

    1. Any possible dialogue ended when Jason Kenny threatened to cut off the taps. There is no negotiation possible after that because trust has been lost forever. We don't negotiate with terrorists or arrogant liars. Jason Kenney is both.

  3. Yes, his "threat" to cut off the tap. that was some stupid. if they turned off the tar tap, they wouldn't be able to export and thus have no money to run the province with in Alberta. We in B.C. really don't use much of that tar, it is all exported, except for the small amount which goes to the refinery in Burnaby. Kenny would cut off his nose to spite his face.

    Kenney would have been much smarter if he had organized the province around getting a refinery built in Alberta close to the tar sands so they would have an actual product to sell in Canada. He and his oil/tar friends don't seem interested in that though. they want to export the problems that comes with tar. Exporting tar is like exporting our garbage.

    Kenny is simply stamping his feet like some prima donna and no one cares. By the time Kenny is finished with Alberta, it will look like Ontario with Ford. Lower taxes for corporations, cut budgets for schools, health care, disabled. B.C. has already been down that road and we didn't get very far as a society. Lot of people died though...........

    Over at Pacific Gazetteer, RossK has a post up about George Abbott's Phd. dissertation, describing in some detail what the B.C. Liebercons did to this province and how and why. An admission of guilty one could say.


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