Tuesday, June 18, 2019

15.5 tons of cocaine seized in Philadelphia

NBC is reporting that "Shipping containers full of illegal drugs have been found and seized by federal authorities at a Philadelphia port in what federal authorities describe as the largest seizure in the region's history. A senior law enforcement official said more than 15,500 kilos of cocaine were found in seven containers, which were found aboard a cargo ship, the MSC Gayane, that previously stopped in Colombia, Chile, Panama and the Bahamas. Sources told NBC10 the cocaine was not meant for Philadelphia but instead for the Netherlands and France."


  1. But, but, but Trump keeps telling us its coming over the border from Mexico, brought in by the migrants. this can't possibly be true, via a port?? as I live and breath. has anyone told Trump and his haters?

    Nice catch. I'm sure the Netherlands and France appreciate the work, the law enforcement types in the U.S.A. did on this case.

  2. Both are true. Vehicular traffic at the ports of entry is everyday, and because of the volume of traffic it simply cannot all be stopped until we have the infrastructure in place for easy, rapid, 100% inspection. It's coming, but not immediately. At the moment the cartels will run a half dozen vehicles in and when CBP is busy with the first one they detect, the rest don't get a K9 walkaround and unless they seem suspicious, they drive on thru.

    As for migrants, yes of course, any that are young and fit pay off their passage with a bale of MJ rigged up with makeshift shoulder straps. If they make it across, they dump the bales at collection spot and continue on their journey. This is obviously relatively small time for the amount of effort involved, so for the last few years it's common for their to be an amount of another drug packed in the center of the bale, usually the Mexican "black tar" heroin rather than coke or meth, although both have been found.

    We all get that you hate Trump, but if you're going to argue the issues, at least try to know WTF you're talking about. The fact that large seizures are made via cargo ships does not obviate the fact that drugs are smuggled in by any and all means available.

  3. So, perhaps the extra attention and security at the border led to the importers and exporters to agree to ship it another way.

    That would be an indication of success of the Trump administration's policies.

  4. I think it's safe to say that the amount of cocaine coming across the boarder through individual migrants is completely insignificant compared the the humongous shipments the CIA and organized crime bring over.

  5. ^^True statement^^.

    There are no "individual migrants" bringing it in, there are only individuals working on behalf of organized crime as far as that goes. No "independents" allowed. There ARE individuals bringing in smaller amounts hidden in luggage etc. either by land or air but they are still not working for themselves. The big guys do big shipments, the little guys run mules, but it's all organized at some level.

  6. oh, please do you expect us to believe all those people running for their lives from central America are bringing drugs into the USA????? tens of thousands of these people are children, right down to 4 month old babies and you]d suggest they're mules for drug lords?????

    all those people sitting in American concentration camps are all drug mules????? there is nothing organized about people fleeing for their lives. In Honduras girls as young as 10 are being raped. 800 of them gave birth last year in state hospitals. You think they're drug mules?

    drugs in any large quantities have always been brought in via ports. ships are large, harbours unguarded and that is the way governments frequently like it. when the American government approx. 15 yrs ago tried to implement more checks on containers corporations such as wal mart screamed until Bush 2 gave up on the idea. IF drug smuggling is to be stopped there will have to be more security in harbours and that is not going to happen. costs too much and too much checking will likely not work for some. the Port of L.A. was bought about 20 years or so ago by a Saudi corporation. Now how that happened it beyond me.

  7. I don't think anyone is saying these people are choosing to be mules out of their own desire - more like they are being forced into it if they want to be able to cross the border.

    As for the "concentration" camps, those were set up under the Obama administration. It was also Obama's administration that mandated children be separated from their families.

    It was the Trump administration that rescinded that.

    Yet, whom did the media try to blame?

    I am not sure what sexual assault in Honduras has to do with drug mules, though? Unless you are making the case for the breakdown of morals in society and comparing illegal actions there and here?

  8. Just for the record, Trump is a racist dick and Hillary is an arms dealing drug trafficking criminal. There's no need to keep flogging that dead horse. What Trump did in Honduras is the exact same thing Hillary did there. The both supported election fraud in support of continuing Iran Contra. Blind obedience to either is blind obedience to drug trafficking. Immigration is what the Statue of liberty represents.


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