Friday, June 7, 2019

VW sound system controlled by holographic images

The Star is reporting that "At a meeting on Lake W├Ârth, Bavaria, Volkswagen's Golf GTI Aurora show car made its world premiere, featuring a completely operational, hologram-controlled sound system in what the brand claims is a world first. The trunk of the new Golf GTI Aurora concept that Volkswagen debuted this week isn't your average luggage compartment. When you lift up the trunk door, you're met with a hologram." You'll find it floating comfortably above a black screen integrated into the floor of the compartment displaying controls for a high-end sound system.

"Unlike with 3D movies – which require audience members to wear a pair of specialised glasses for images to pop out of the screen – the hologram created by the show car requires no additional equipment for viewing. The technology "automatically recognises the user's operating requirements and implements them – making it intuitive and logical to operate." Music controls, volume, and playlists can be selected just by poking the air."

That's pretty cool. Projecting a holographic image is one thing but making that image receptive to touch controls is another. I'm not sure how that would work but it sounds impressive.

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