Saturday, June 1, 2019

Kids Play hosts soccer tournament at BC Place

Kal Dosanjh from the Kids Play Foundation is reporting that "The KIDS PLAY Super Soccer Tournament began almost 14 years ago at a small park in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver with a vision to help children stay away from a life of drugs, gangs and crime by engaging them in positive activities."

"Over the years the program grew, and eventually became the impetus for creating KidsPlay. In keeping with tradition, we hosted the KidsPlay Super Soccer Tournament at BC Place Stadium on Monday. Youth from all across the lower mainland got the experience of a lifetime. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers, whose unconditional commitment to serving the community is truly inspiring. Special thanks to the Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Club."

This is big news. It is a colossal success. This is proactive gang prevention. Well done.

The Darpan Magazine wrote about Kiran Toor, the Vice President of Kids Play back in 2015. In April 2019 she was featured on the cover of the Times of Canada Vaisakhi edition.

The Kids Play Foundation is hosting a street hockey tournament for kids 2 PM June 15th at the York Business Centre 7928 128th St in Surrey. This is worth supporting

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