Monday, January 28, 2019

Canada's ambassador to China is fired for telling the truth

They say the truth will set you free. Not now. Now the truth will get you fired. The Canadian Press is reporting that "John McCallum has resigned as ambassador to China at the request of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the wake of comments he made about a Huawei executive detained in Canada. The prime minister did not immediately issue an explanation, but the move came just hours after McCallum was quoted in a Vancouver newspaper as saying it would be "great for Canada" if the United States dropped its extradition request for Meng Wanzhou."

What John McCallum said was true. It would be great for Canada if the United States dropped its extradition request for Meng Wanzhou. The charges are bogus and diminish all of us. The US doesn't care about Communist China executing political prisoners to order. They only care about making money and fabricating charges in a trade war.

China is being absurd about it as well. Canada has an extradition treaty with the United States. Canada can't simply break that agreement. They are legally bound by it. China arresting random Canadians in retaliation is petty and childish. On top of that it is bad business. They just killed their tourist industry. Who's going to want to visit China now? Not me. Before that I sure was.

I used to think it would be nice to visit the Great Wall and see the Terracotta army. I almost sent my son there on his way home. Now that's just not on the table. Their petty childishness has shot themselves in the foot. What, you have a seven year old kid running the CPC? That's what it looks like to the rest of the world. Now those greedy Communists are losing money.

In this dispute China is the biggest villain. They torture political prisoners and execute them to order for organ harvesting. Their politicians are the highest paid in the world. There is no social justice in China. Their secret prison camps are no longer a secret. They can censor the internet in China but we all know what happened at Tiananmen square. The Communist party used live ammunition on protesters. That did happen. They can lie about it all they want to their own people but we know the truth. China's current Communism is no different that Stalin, Lenin, Mao or East Berlin. It is filled with lies and murder. We need to withdraw our pension funds from China.

We should be far more concerned about that then a bogus arrest in a trade war. Hats off to our Chinese Canadians who share their culture with us in a free and democratic state. Chinese culture predates Communism by thousands of years and will continue to prevail outside of China.


  1. McCallum has been around a long time and in my opinion doesn't make rookie mistakes. he held a presser with mandarin and Cantonese speaking press. He made a statement which actually I thought was quite good. it got the message out. Then of course there was the usual "outrage" by the Cons. McCallum did his "apology", had another meeting and repeated. Perhaps this was carefully staged and it was about time McCallum wanted to come home anyhow.

    The Chinese don't care what our law is, they just know their law and expect us to act as they do, when they can get other countries to comply. Canada didn't. China wants to ignore extradition treaties, but that is not possible for those countries which have them. Just because some one is rich and famous, doesn't entitle them to avoid the law.

    Now to come to think of it, back over a decade a billionaire from China was arrested at the request of the Communist government of China for extradition. He made bail, lived in his Burnaby condo, with guards, just as Ms. Meng does until the Chinese government guaranteed they would not execute the man. He was eventually returned to China. He was accused of fraud and theft. China just likes to pick and choose. Canada has done the right thing. McCallum did the right thing. Trudeau did the right thing, to ensure it doesn't become a political football in this year's federal election, because I'm sure the Cons will try.

    1. The arrest is actually immoral just like the invasion of Iraq and Libya. Canada didn't do the right thing, they simply fulfilled their contractual obligation.

  2. The Daily Kos news letter is reporting:" Trump just hired a guy, Elliott Abrams, as the new special envoy for Venezuela. He was convicted of lyin gto Congress to hid the massacre of approx. a thousand people by U.S. trained El Salvadorian forces. So when they hire him for Venezuela, we can expect a lot of killing to ensure the U.S.A. grabs the oil. Of course Russia may not like that. Reports advise they over over $10BILLION invested in Venezuela.

    1. Don't get me started on the CIA's meddling in Venezuela for their oil.


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