Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hells Angels lawyer complains about David Eby

You know you're doing something right when a lawyer for the Hells Agnels complains about how good a job you are doing and tries to gain public support for his own pathetic pity party. Matthew Nathanson wrote a conflicted rant about David Eby which smelt foul.

First he went off on a dramatic red herring about ICBC to generate public pity. You can tell he's worked for the Hells Angels. His real concern was David Eby's attack on money laundering in BC Casinos. After all he represented the accused. That makes every word that comes out of his mouth conflicted. David Eby did not fabricate the extent of money laundering in BC Casinos. A police task force on organized crime did. After that report was published Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals did away with the police task force investigating money laundering in Casinos.

Matthew Nathanson is a criminal defense lawyer. That means he represents criminals and people accused of committing crime. His specialty is to portray criminals and those accused of committing crime as innocent to create enough doubt that his clients get off. That's what he does and that is what he is paid to do. Everyone is entitled to a lawyer. Even Clifford Olsen. Criminals and those accused of committing crime are innocent until proven guilty.

Nevertheless, money laundering in BC Casinos is a huge problem. David Eby didn't make that up. He finally tried to do something about it. Matthew Nathanson's foul smelling rant is conflicted. Canadian lawyers are a source of money laundering. William Majcher testified to that fact.

However, I do agree that seizing the proceeds of crime is not the answer. That is not the New York Model. That is the corrupt LA model during the time of Freeway Ricky when the US crack epidemic was at it's peak. The DEA was on the take.

The New York model was about enforcing the law and disrupting street level drug trafficking. That was only made possible after the Mollen Commission rooted out police corruption in New York. BC needs an organized crime task force. The RCMP have been very clear in that they have absolutely no desire to investigate organized crime. That is why we need to give the job to someone who will. A regional task force is needed. Quebec has one, BC doesn't.

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  1. As they say, the only attack the ones they fear the most.
    Given his clients, it does give on pause.


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