Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Canada Pension Plan still investing in Communist China

CNBC is reporting that "Canada's vast pension fund is sticking with China even as political tensions mount." AYFKM? OUR pension funds are invested in a Communist country that murders and tortures political prisoners? That needs to change. People talk about ethical investments. Right now Communist China is an unethical investment.

Amnesty International has called upon China to release the numbers of people they execute ever yar. Right now the number of people they kill is a state secret. Amnesty International claims that the Chinese authorities executed thousands of people in 2009, more than the rest of the world combined. These aren't people convicted of drug dealing or murder. These are political prisoners executed to order for organ harvesting.

We need to look at the torture that includes human rights lawyers in China.

Canada Pension investing in China knowing that is like investing in Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust. We need to change that investment of public funds.


  1. Corporate money goes where there is money to be made and moral, ethical issues don't play part in the equation. Now if memory serves me, I do recall some corporations did do business with Hitler in the run up to WW II and yes, he was well on his way to exterminating the Jews, and any one else who stood in his way.

    1. Actually that was the Bush family and they did have some of their assets seized for trading with the enemy: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

  2. IBM, the American technology company, helped the Nazis keep track of their holocaust victims and store data during WWII.
    As well,the Rockefeller Oil Company sold oil to the Nazis during WWII, the very oil that was used in planes to bomb the UK, and many other military operations. These people never faced charged of “aiding the enemy.” Why??

    1. I don't know. It sounds like they should have been charged. The Bush family actually helped put the gas in the gas chambers. The Rockefellers have always been dirty. They even funded the Communist revolution in Russia.


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