Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The City of Vancouver is still f*cking over the Emerys

This is a perfect example of political corruption in British Columbia. Quebec has no political corruption compared to BC. News 1130 is reporting that "One of Vancouver’s biggest pot brands, Cannabis Culture is closing all of its dispensaries in the city. This follows a BC Supreme Court decision from last month, ordering dozens of illicit cannabis dispensaries to close their doors - or else. Cannabis Culture was one of the chains on the losing end of that case. A statement from CEO Jeremiah Vandermeer says the city has been threatening staff with arrests, fines, jail time, and forced closures if they did not comply with the decision."

These are not illegal dispensaries. These are unlicensed dispensaries. Now that pot has been legalized and the BC NDP adopted the free market model, it should be a simple process for existing dispensaries to obtain permits. This is outrageous. They's closing down pot dispensaries now that pot is legal and they're handing out free heroin. Vancouver City Hall is f*cked up.

It is also unequal protection of the law. The City of Vancouver is closing down the most credible dispensaries in the Country while they refuse to stop the Black Door and the Bulldog Cafe across the street. It doesn't get any more corrupt than that. If Andy Richards can sell Cop Pot then the Emerys can sell Cannibals Culture. Give your head a shake.

Update: What the city is doing is making up a bunch of stupid rules with the intent of screwing them over then creating a tax paid task force to enforce those stupid rules. One of the rules is that dispensaries can't be within a certain distance from a school. That one makes sense. Another rule is that a dispensary can't be within a certain distance of an existing dispensary. That one does not make sense. Gas stations are allowed to be across the street for each other.

We really don't want dispensaries all over the city. Keeping them in certain areas would be preferable. Instead of handing out free heroin we should let dispensaries open up all over the DTES. That would be in everyone's best interest.

While the Emerys were waiting for their right to apply for a permit, the city gave a permit to Tokyo Smoke up the street. Now the city says the Emerys can't have a permit because their original location is too close to an existing dispensary. That is bullsh*t. City hall is elected by the citizens. When they start screwing up it's time to elect a new city counsel. Surrey did. It's that easy.

Instead of forming a new marijuana bylaw task force, the police need to form a fentanyl task force. This is exactly how Dianne Watts screwed up Surrey when she was in office. She obsessed over grow ops which no one cared about and did absolutely nothing about the public sale of crack and crystal meth which was killing businesses in Newton and Whalley.

The police in Vancouver need to be more worried about getting fentanyl off the street then pot dispensaries. Wasting tax dollars on this new pot task force without addressing fentanyl and harder drugs is criminal culpability. Squamish RCMP miss the point.


  1. Emery's problem is that he's Captain Jack Sparrow, if you take my meaning....

    1. Marc Emery is Jack Sparrow. He's paid his dues. He paved the way for everyone else. Closing down pot dispensaries now that pot is legal and the NDP adopted the free market model while they promote and distribute heroin shows how completely f*ck up Vancouver City Hall really is.


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