Sunday, January 6, 2019

Vancouver takes a wrong turn on opioid treatment

The National Post is reporting that "B.C. gives up on its addicts and decides to just keep them on drugs. Exactly how will installing vending machines with high-dose opioids help drug addicts kick their habit?" The National Post nailed it. Hey ho, Justin Trudeau and the BC NDP have got to go.

"The British Columbia public health authorities are making a huge mistake. The province is advancing a series of reckless interventions that are counterproductive in fighting the opioid epidemic. If B.C. continues in this manner, the province is destined to remain in a state of perpetual opioid addiction." That is only in the pharmaceutical companies best interest.

"Ottawa recently granted approval of a B.C. pilot to distribute high-dose hydromorphone, a potent opioid, three times daily at supportive housing units and supervised injection sites. Drug users are free to use the hydromorphone as they please; authorities anticipate many will crush and inject the opioids to intensify their high. Moreover, the province has plans to grant qualified opioid users biometric access to vending machines of hydromorphone for drug users’ convenient consumption." This is NOT the Portugal model. This is the highway to Hell.

The Portugal model implemented mandatory treatment. This is not treatment this is the opposite. It is once again promoting addiction. It is a direct contradiction to the BC government's recent class action lawsuit against the opioid industry. Now they are going to have to sue themselves.

The Portland Hotel Society is dripping in corruption. It is in a conflict of interest.

CBC reported that the B.C. government has released details of a damning audit that shows a non-profit group that looks after some of Canada's poorest citizens spent thousands of dollars on lavish hotels, limousine rides, expensive dinners and even a trip to a Disney resort. Separate financial reviews examining expenses by the Portland Hotel Society - which runs Canada's only supervised injection site - have uncovered alleged misuse of corporate credit cards, unsupported expenses and inadequate criminal record checks.

The Huffington Post reported that Jenny Kwan is back from an unpaid leave she took after government audits revealed financial irregularities at the Portland Hotel Society, including lavish travel expenses. Kwan says she believed her former husband Dan Small covered the travel expenses for herself and their two children, but audits reveal the society covered the costs. Those aren't volunteers at the Portland Hotel Society. Those are paid staff members.

Harm reduction programs like safe injection sites don't beat addiction. They just sustain it.

Dr. Colin Mangham on Insite

“I call on the committee, especially the elected representatives, to stop allowing a group of activists, whatever else they're clothed in, to dictate Canada's drug policies. The people of Canada and elected officials need to set drug policy.’

Dr. Colin Mangham speaks to Parliament

"The most telling thing I saw that never found its way into the media was that only a small percentage of drug users use Insite. It's not reaching the cocaine users. An even smaller portion use it for the majority of their injections. As I told CNN, it's like building a dyke out of chicken wire. Why, then, is this still being clung to? "


  1. "Why, then, is this still being clung to?"

    "Follow the money", as always. The first and most important rule of investigation as regards motive, or "why?".

    1. Exactly. Right after he asks that question he then goes on to explain the answer.

  2. Just to clarify for the trolls: Everyone knows this blog is an alternate news source. This isn't a gang site or a cop site and it isn't the main stream media. This is something different. Everyone knows that. That's why people come here.

    If someone wants to post comments about how great the Hells Angels are or how great lethal injections sites are, they are free to do that all over the Internet, just not here. This corner of the Internet is a safe place for something other than the MSM trash. This isn't a Hells Angels support site. This is a New York Model support site. Just so we're clear.

    1. Lethal Injection sites DO NOT save lives. Vancouver has the highest drug overdose fatality rate in the country. That is because we promote addition over treatment. If I had lost a loved one from a drug overdose I would go on a campaign to promote treatment not addiction.

  3. Hear hear, harm promotion just exacerbated the problem. Not to mention giving them a get out of work pass for life (disability), stay out of jail pass (it's a disease), and free brand new condos.Supportive housing all right, they help support their bad habits.
    Of course the over educated can never admit they're wrong.
    North America has a substance abuse problem if there's anything positive to say about the fentanyl thing, hopefully it will discourage the next generation


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