Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tax paid drinking lounges

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to safe injection sites is that no one in their right mind would give alcohol to an alcoholic. That would not be in their best interest nor would it be socially responsible. Guess what. That is exactly what our tax dollars are now doing. How in the f*ck is that going to help the opioid crisis? It's not. It is going to promote alcoholism just like they are promoting every other addiction under the sun to satisfy the demands of their campaign contributors. The Portland Hotel Society can rot in Hell.


  1. I once had a business in a crack infested neighborhood, I was active to some degree with some of the social workers and programs. The main difference between us was I was paying to be there ( cheap rent) and everyone else was paid to be there. I once questioned a social workers that had a very accepting non challenging relationship with there "clients" . It became more clear to me that if they accualy cared more and really helped them beat addiction well they would eliminate there job.


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