Friday, February 3, 2017

Little Italy bar in Toronto closed after gang rape

CBC is reporting that "College Street Bar will remain closed until May and the two men accused of forcibly confining and sexually assaulting a woman there are banned from the premises, the city says. Toronto police said a 24-year-old woman was allegedly held inside the bar from the evening of Dec. 14 until the early morning hours of Dec. 15 and sexually assaulted. The shocking case prompted one councillor to ask the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to revoke the bar's liquor license."

"Gavin MacMillan, who owns the bar, and Enzo De Jesus Carrasco, the bar's manager, are not permitted to be at or immediately next to the establishment, the city says. MacMillan, 41, is facing charges of forcible confinement, trafficking in schedule substance, failure to comply with recognizance, and four counts of gang sexual assault. Carrasco, 31, is facing charges of forcible confinement, trafficking in schedule substance, four counts of gang sexual assault, and three counts of sexual assault. Both men have been released on bail."

So it's the owner of the bar and an employee that have been charged. Now Toronto is reporting that both men have been charged with drug trafficking in addition to gang rape and forcible confinement.


  1. On one level you ask, what is wrong with these men? On another level we know. They ought to never be able to operate a bar again. If they did this once, they will do it again. Rape is about power and these men will try to assert it again.

    On one level I'd like to ask them how they would feel if this happened to their female relatives/friends? It really doesn't matter what their answer is though. Rape of any kind is just not what civilized people do.

    Drug dealers and rapists ought not to have a license to operate an establishment such as a bar. It doesn't make for a safe society.

  2. "Never ever to operate a bar again". Wow, that will show them...:rolleyes:

    Every situation where an accusation of rape is made is different, and if you investigate a few of them you realize that there's a scale of culpability. If one was the kind of person who thinks that any time a woman makes the accusation the guy must be guilty, then one would need to familiarize ones self with all the documented instances of accusations later proved false.

    That said, THIS instance would appear to be at the end of the scale of totality of circumstances such that the truth of the matter is not in doubt, and that these two are indeed predators who did this deliberately with malice aforethought.

    Given Canada's appetite for lax sentences, lets hope for a sentence that see's them spend, oh.....ten years behind bars sounds fair to me. So the sentence need to be about 15 years I'm guessing.

    But it won't happen. Prove me wrong, judge dudes...

    1. It is true that this is an unproven allegation. Yet the fact that the police have added more charges to the list including drug trafficking is fairly significant. This young woman's allegations certainly do fall within the realm of believability. The guy's MO is questionable to say the least.

    2. These guys are the exact definition of predators. They get a bar giving them power. They interact with people that get intoxicated, and they take advantage of that. Especially when it involves women. How low can you get? In the old days they would have gotten their asses beaten, but now it seems to be a lot more acceptable. Things have not gotten better with the times. These guys deserve to be exterminated.

  3. Trailrunner makes a very point regarding two very significant elements. The first being the scale of culpability. The second being the very high incidence of false allegations.

    Was not Blaze involved in something like this once at one of the puppet clubhouses?

    (Speaking of whom, what ever happened with his case? And speaking of him and therefore of gangs (this being the gangstarsout blog) I noted certain news outlets in Canada were mentioning Rod Sweeney's sentence in Winnipeg.)

    1. I think you're referring to the gang rape at the Renegades clubhouse in Prince George. Blaze is from Kelowna. He has been accused of being involved with the murder of Brittany Irving along with Joey Verma who was convicted of the murder but later claimed he took the fall for someone else.

      Yes, it appears that Rod Sweeney was finally convicted of beating up the kid and his uncle who rode past his house on bicycles:


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