Saturday, February 18, 2017

Creep Catchers on W5 - Update

Creep Catchers are on W5 tonight at 7:00 PM. The Vice dot com reported that several stings have painted the vigilante pedophile hunters as bullies after targeting people with disabilities. CTV's W5 are asking if online pedophile hunters are 'catching' the innocent?

As I said before I think the idea behind the group is good. However, the president of the Surrey chapter is a convicted drug dealer. They've got to do criminal record checks if they want any credibility. The predatory drug dealers in Whalley are no better than the child molesters they pretend to confront. One is no better than the other. They are both bad.

After seeing a couple of stings in Surrey it just looked like a bunch of predatory drug dealers from the Surrey strip continuing their bullying into other areas on camera pretending to be heros when really they are just the same themselves. The drug dealers that sell drugs on the Whalley strip brutalize addicts and sex trade workers alike. They give the sex trade workers free drugs then take all of their money when they get a trick and demand free service from them beside the tree they dumped Janice Shore's body after sexually assaulting her and caving her head in with blunt force trauma for a drug debt. These creeps are the ultimate low lifes known to man. Them running around trying to be heros on the big screen is the epitome of hypocrisy.

CTV reported that the Surrey Creep Catchers crossed 'many lines' targeting man with disabilities. They guy they claimed was luring young girls was in a scooter. Catching people who are luring children into sex is a good thing but we have to look at who is really luring who.

CTV's W5 is reporting that "a W5 investigation of the largest vigilante network, the Creep Catchers, has found their cameras often don’t tell the whole story. Cases with truly horrifying chats have been lumped in with chats that show no evidence of any sexual intent. And the nationwide network’s enormous online audience isn’t told the difference." Some advocates think they may be motivated less by a pursuit of justice as a pursuit of fame and social media reach, which can lead to money. Not all chapters of Creep Catchers are drug dealers. The Surrey chapter is. That needs to be addressed. God damn the pusher man.

Update: Wow. I saw a clip from the W5 episode. The Edmonton chapter president went to a troubled young woman's house and posted a video of him shaming her at her house and she ended up committing suicide. That was horrific. He lured her. The fact that they reposted the video in their top ten catches shows that they are messed up.

W5 reviewed a chat log in another case and found no sexual content. The young man said he was offering help to a teenager who said he was growing up gay in rural Alberta. The chat logs show the pair is meeting “just as friends.” If you have money to burn, donate it somewhere else.

In Calgary Dawson Raymond defamed and targeted a 23 year old man who met an 18 year old girl. The Creep Catchers are just like the drug dealers outside the Front Room on the Whalley strip. If you don't help them give someone the boots, they will give you the boots. They targeted a woman in Red Deer Alberta simply because she spoke out against them.

The Creep Catchers need to be charged in the death of Katelynn McKnight.


  1. those creep catchers I've seen on t.v. look very creepy to me. Civilized society created police forces to enforce the law. We pay taxes for this,. Vigilante groups are Not trained, aren't professional, and in my opinion need their egos feed. Why not report their findings to police agencies and let them arrest the person. It is doubtful they will ever do that, they're glory hounds.

    As you mention, some of these activities, if socially acceptable can lead to money, via fund raising or even grants. Nice way to expand the empire and some how legitimize themselves.

    Creep catchers are just creepy.

  2. EAF said, "Civilized society created police forces to enforce the law. We pay taxes for this,"

    This is exactly what happens when those forces cannot, or will not, do their job.

    These forces may even follow the mandate of the law to the letter and never exceed or under-exceed it but if the "laws" do not match those of the natural order, then, naturally, chaos ensues.

    This is just another example of how the liberalism infecting society has moved the laws so far that a natural correction begins.

  3. Vigilantism is law enforcement without legal authority

    Our system of government has police forces to hopefully catch citizens who have allegedly committed a crime

    Seems this group decides to conduct such methods to shame the creeps

    Good or bad??

    Highlights the problem tho

    whether we agree or disagree with the groups methods to expose the creeps

    1. The Canadian founder of the group is good. The Surrey chapter leader is not.

    2. Ryan took my money when i was aprostitute and used me. I haven't been a prostitute for 7 years now. He threatened me for leaving when i was too sick to work anymore. I ran away. His brother punched me in the head and split my head open.

    3. No he's not. He's a predator!

    4. Jessica, since Ryan has a cocaine conviction from Surrey, then if he was dealing on the Whalley Strip then that allegation is believable. Congratulations for getting out. I've seen some of the exploitation that goes on there.

  4. who are we to decide who ought to be "shamed"? Not so far from religious "fanatics" who "shun" member of their communities.

    If you aren't happy with how the police in your area are doing their job, get involved. Try to change things but vigilantism went out with the wild west or some such thing. Vigilantism doesn't work. At some point some thing will go wrong, some one will get killed or seriously injured and then..............


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