Sunday, February 12, 2017

Justin Trudeau kills the Charter of Rights yet again

Justin Trudeau just pulled a Stephen Harper again. Big surprise. The cross border policing insanity has returned to the table under the disguise of the dark master. CBC is reporting that U.S. border guards would get new powers to question, search and even detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil under a bill proposed by the Liberal government.

So tell me has Justin Beiber agreed to give US Agents diplomatic immunity while on Canadian soil as well? That was their concern before. Since Canadian officers can actually get charged with murder in Canada if they do in fact commit murder, US Police didn't want to be bound by Canadian law while armed in Canada. They wanted diplomatic immunity. I kid you not. That is insanity at best. You never arm a foreign police force to patrol your country then give them diplomatic immunity to break the law they are supposed to enforce. This reveals the true character of Justin Trudeau behind all the smoke and mirrors.

CBC is reporting that Legal experts say Bill C-23, introduced by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, and likely to pass in the current sitting of Parliament, could also erode the standing of Canadian permanent residents by threatening their automatic right to enter Canada. The bill would enshrine in law a reciprocal agreement for customs and immigration pre-clearance signed by the governments of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama in 2015. Both houses of Congress passed the U.S. version of the bill in December.

"A Canadian going to the U.S. through a pre-clearance area [on Canadian soil] can say: 'I don't like the way [an interview is] going and I've chosen not to visit your country.' And they can just turn around and walk out. Under the new proposed bill, they wouldn't be able to walk out. They can be held and forced to answer questions."

CBC is also reporting that one of those question is about your religious affiliation.

These politicians are the real enemies of the constitution. They have broken their oath to defend it. God help us. No one else will. Vote number 666 has returned to the table. This is how liberty dies. Watch Press for Truth Video: The Trudeau Deception


  1. I am so NOT GOOD with this legislation. It gives foreign "peace officers" control in our country. Just NOT ON FOR THAT.

    Preclearance is fine, but not at the cost of soverginty. American peace officers "operating" on Canadian soil need to be subject to Canadian law. Canadians and others must have the right to withdraw from the interview in their own country and walk away. Any American control over who goes in and out of OUR country is not acceptable.

    If this bill passes some one may just take it to court as a Constitutional Challenge. This bill will severely negatively impact people the U.S.A. doesn't like. Right now its Muslims and Mexicans, but wait until that list expands.

    What happens if American "peace officers"/immigration officers want to arrest and move a Canadian resident/citizens to one of their "off the record" prisons. We know it doesn't go well for people and we know what the Canadian government has had to pay out in settlements. What happens if one of those American's shoots and kills a person on Canadian soil? Gets off free? Not so much.

    Other concern I have with this bill, have First Nations people been consulted? How does this bill impact Treaties Canada has with First Nations? How will this bill impact First Nations people coming from other countries.?

    In my opinion this is one step towards "amalgamation" of some services which are not consistent with Canadian law, values, history. This leg. maybe being pushed by corporations who want a freeer flow of their goods and staff, but I for one am not willing to give up anything so they can expand their profits.

  2. Not good at all

    Sovereign country we were

    Sadly people forgot that red tides, ie Liberals, are poisonous

    Likely to pass in Parliament

    The police state is here

  3. Little by little, bit by bit the sheeple slowly trade their sovereignty(freedom) for the perception of enhanced security. A true sovereign country would never allow a foreign police force to act on its soil, period. Both govt's have tried to suggest how this would help with cross border and complex investigations?? In the era of instantaneous multi media communications does this argument even meet the threshold of merit? Those willing to give up freedom for security will get and deserve neither.

  4. There has been blood on the soil for our collective rights we have enjoyed here and abroad

    With each passing day our individual rights are taken away by our so democraticslly elected politicians

    While I cast my vote at the election time I have no confidence in the process

    My vote in the west is overshadowed by our fellow Canadians who have voted just east of the Manitoba border

    Seems the east gets my money irrespective of who is governing in Ottawa

    While the red tide ie Liberals, is poisonous I wasnt a fan of Hitler Harper and crew either

    Trudeau has lied about election reform so now the electorate must accept the lie

    A Prime Minister or a President can lie

    I'd be fired for same

    I'm alive today because my father and his father etc survived the Great War and WW II and sadly the ultimate sacrifices of many other lives for my freedom today

    Seems the only thing the government are good at is collecting my money and giving it away

    Like Bombardier

    Money buys elections

    Lest we forget eh



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