Sunday, February 5, 2017

Botched US Raid in Yemen killed civilians again

CBC is reporting that The U.S. military says it is investigating last weekend's raid by U.S. special operations forces in Yemen and that innocent civilians, including children, were apparently killed. So here we have US soldiers launching an attack in a foreign country and engage in a firefight with a group of "terrorists" that they themselves armed killing numerous civilians again.

Donald Trump is a raging lunatic that needs to spend some time with Dr. Phil. I do not support him. He had a wonderful opportunity to address some of the real problems surrounding the CIA's arms dealing and drug trafficking network. Instead he dropped the ball and ran the other direction launching a full scale assault on the US Constitution. That is shameful.

This attack had nothing to do with confronting terrorists. It was once again choosing sides in a civil war just like in Syria only this time it was defending Saudi interests. Buyer Beware.


  1. Checks and balances in the US Constitution

    Not supposed to be King Trump

  2. King Trump???? he thinks he's Emperor, if not god. He is the President of the U.S.A. and that to him means he can do as he wishes when he wishes. In my opinion, he thinks he is above the Constitution. He doesn't get that the Constitution is above all else and only Judges can interpret that it in the end.

    Trump can't even stop running his mouth, fingers, and refers to a Federal Judge in the terms he did. Its so un President like. But then he most likely is simply a crass and ugly American.


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