Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kevin LeClair's murder trial

Kim Bolan reported on some interesting testimony that came out in Kevin LeClair's murder trial. Kevin was a Bacon brother associate gunned down in a Langley strip mall back in 2009. It was two years after the Surrey Six murder where Jamie Bacon and his brothers took over the leadership of the Red Scorpions on behalf of the Hells Angels.

The witness testified that he saw a man pull a machine gun out of a gym bag and light up the truck Kevin was in. The witness also said they saw a second man with a handgun who unsuccessfully tried to tried to open the driver's door before the co accused lit it up with a machinegun. Prosecutor David Jardine said in his opening submissions that former United Nations gang members would later testify that Vallee and Jesse Adkins were the two shooters that day. Adkins vanished in 2009 and is now believed to be dead. I'm assuming Cory Vallee was the one with the handgun while the bigger guy had the automatic weapon.

This one is sad. Kevin seemed like a nice guy. That forces us to ask what he was doing with Jamie Bacon and the rest of the swine flu because they were complete scumbags. If Kevin was such a nice guy, why was he friends with such a piece of garbage like Jamie Bacon? Perhaps after the Surrey Six murder, Kevin began to wake up and smell the coffee.

Previously Kim Bolan reported that Kevin LeClair was cooperating with the police regarding to the Surrey Six murder. That means he had a brain and a heart. It's just a shame they hit Kevin and missed Jamie. The police told a witness that Jamie Bacon ordered Kevin's murder for cooperating with the police. It appears that the police lied to the witness to try and get information from them.

Letting the Hells Angels obtain a monopoly on the local drug trade has not solved anything.

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