Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Australian receives death sentence for killing Hells Angel in Thailand

The British Telegraph is reporting that "a 28-year-old Australian man has been sentenced to death in Thailand for the murder of an Australian Hell’s Angel motorcycle gang member at a coastal resort town. A Thai court found Antonio Bagnato, a kickboxer, killed Australian underworld figure Wayne Schneider after kidnapping him from outside his luxury villa complex in Pattaya, south-east of Bangkok. He and Bagnato were former partners in a Sydney boxing gym and were reportedly under investigation in Australia over international drug deals. Bagnato had previously been the dead man’s bodyguard."

The Daily Record is reporting that it was a former member of the Hells Angels. "Wayne Schneider fell out with Hells Angels members in Australia and fled to Thailand only to be killed by drug dealer Antonio Bagnato." AFFA. Angels Forever Forever Angels or until we decide to put cap in your ass. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Wayne Schneider was the full patch Australian Hells Angel who oversaw a puppet club called DLASTHR which was founded by Hells Angels associate Raphael Joseph. They were involved with a multimillion dollar drug ring in Thailand. Raphael was also killed by someone he knew.

A few more pieces to the puzzle. Aussie Hell’s Angels making life hell for fellow Thai Bikers


  1. He was still a Hells Angel Nomad when he was killed he might have been in beef with some Oz bikers but he was still a member in good standing. That's a fact. Regardless sad way to go. RIP

    1. We have conflicting reports on his member in good standing status. One anonymous blogger claims he was, one media outlet claims he wasn't. Both are equally suspect. It's worth looking into and finding out for sure. We know he was a member in good standing when he was dealing millions of dollars worth of drugs in Thailand. His beef with a few bikers in Oz would be members from his own chapter that wanted a bigger cut of the profit. Follow the money.

    2. DarkSide is right. Wayne was a member of hells angels Thailand nomads when he died, watch this video of Waynes funeral and remember only a active member of HAMC gets a full HAMC funeral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqAN4iq_fc8

    3. It certainly wouldn't be the first time they attended the funeral of someone they killed.


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