Sunday, February 26, 2017

New psychedelic drug is behind six drug overdoses in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

CBC is reporting that police say a new psychedelic drug is behind six drug overdoses in Prince Albert, Sask., on Feb. 20. A Prince Albert man is charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm, trafficking 2C-B and possessing the proceeds of crime.


  1. would appear Sask, like Alberta is taking the drug traffickers' role in the problem seriously. Additional charges which normally are not related to drug trafficking are being laid, i.e. bodily harm, in Sask.

    B.C. might want to give this some thought, but it is doubtful it will happen. More charges might mean more people in court and jail and Christy Clark doesn't appear to want to spend any money on those things. Better to have that $2B surplus than spend money on things society might need. i.e. recent case in Victoria where the judge "stayed" the charges because there wasn't a sheriff to bring the defendant from downstairs in the court house to the court room.

    Wonder if that will be another thing Christy Clark decides to contract out to a "friend or financial supporter", court house security and transporting of prisoners. Won't that be fun. How to get some one out of jail, just get the contract to transport them.............

  2. You report on this but not the 11 kilogram coke bust from a few months ago in the same small city? Or the over 1 key cocaine bust a month before that?

    1. Do you have a link to the articles? I must have missed them. I'm in Surrey on the west coast.



    4. Thanks I missed those. I have plans this evening but will catch up over the weekend. Cheers.


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