Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tim Shields from the RCMP is a bad man

Another out of court settlement for another RCMP sexual harassment lawsuit that has resulted in yet another gag order sweeping the RCMP's prolific sexual harassment under the carpet again.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that alleged a former spokesman for the RCMP sexually harassed a colleague. A former civilian employee filed the lawsuit in 2014, alleging in court documents that Tim Shields physically and verbally harassed and assaulted her, and that the RCMP did not provide her with a safe work environment. The documents allege that Shields tried to undress the woman, exposed himself to her and sent text messages saying he wanted a sexual relationship."

CBC is reporting that Shields is still facing a criminal charge of sexual assault for misconduct that is alleged to have happened in 2009 and 2010. At that time he was the officer in charge of strategic communications at 'E' Division headquarters in B.C. The trial, set for the end of May, is scheduled to last three weeks."

Tim Shields wasn't as bad as Jim Brown but he was definitely one of the "Friends of Craig Callen" that was consistently being promoted while involved in sexual harassment. That is their MO. That is why they have a class action lawsuit against the RCMP. For letting the Friends of Craig Callen rise and thrive disgracing the uniform they are paid with tax dollars to represent.

CBC also reported that "While he was spokesman he apologized on behalf of the police force for inaccurate information that was given out after the Taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport." Lying for the old boys club. That's how he rose in the ranks. Pierre Lemaitre couldn't handle the hypocrisy and ended up committing suicide. Lest we forget.


  1. Yes Tim is a badass.Hiring sexy women for the RCMP causes too much trouble.Two officers working closely together on a daily basis.One a sweet attractive young woman just out of cop school the other a guy with a young family put into a very tempting situation.Guy's get horny around sexy women.Trouble happens costing taxpayers large money.

    1. It was a LOT more than that. It was a climate of complete unprofessionalism that swept through the force. Married men getting drunk with witnesses, engaging in sexual conversations with them and having affairs on their wives.

      It was a cop raping a female coworker during Expo. It was Bill Fordy doing the dance of the flaming asshole naked in front of male and female coworkers.

      It was Edmonton's Don Ray everywhere you went that was not only tolerated by management but promoted by them:

  2. Lying/perjury are endemic to the culture of policing in Canada. When was the last time a cop was censured from the bench for testimony that beggared reality? It does happen once in a blue moon, (pun intended) but even when it is called out for what it is, the Bench and the Crown can't seem to bring themselves to actually punish the officer(s) involved, or throw out the charges against an accused where the police officer is believed to be lying.

    Many years ago I described to a Court Sheriff's Sergeant what I had just heard in a BC court room as testimony from a VPD officer and explained how obvious it was that the officer and his partner had just perjured themselves. A five year old wouldn't believe theirs of the two versions presented. The poor guy looked at the floor and said quietly, "That stuff happens all the time around here". His demeanor was such that I momentarily forgot my own outrage and felt sorry for a guy who still had enough integrity to be ashamed that he was part of a system with no integrity itself. Whenever I think of all the people who have proven themselves not equal to the public trust who work in Canadian law enforcement, the abusers, the predators, and the bullies all cloaking their activities behind the uniform and the badge, I also try to remember that Sgt. to remind myself that it's not all of them. God bless him, wherever he is. For the rest, if you don't police yourselves ruthlessly, you will be hated by the people you supposedly serve because you tolerate those among you that you should not.

    A man in uniform, be he military or law enforcement, without honor he (or she) is nothing, and worthy only of contempt. Service is a calling, not a job. People who don't understand that or are not built for it need to be flipping burgers or employed in some other non-critical application.

    1. Honour is a term never used in schools in Canada, it is not part of any curriculum (most have even removed any reference to teaching critical thinking).

      In a world of relativism where each individual can invent their own "reality" the concept of honour, just like the concept of Truth, means, through their very definitions, there is the existence of the opposite.

    2. Interesting and timely. I just had a conversation with an old friend about the world of relativism. How the extreme left denies the existence of right and wrong and has no morals or concept of absolute truth. Yet we all know that murder and theft is wrong. Denying the existence of right and wrong is somewhat problematic so it is.

  3. Tim Shields is simply a predator. He had the rank to inflect his sick actions on any one he pleased and it was all covered up. The RCMP as an organization didn't want women and the organization was not prepared for them. Once the problems started they were not dealt with and a whole new "culture" was born.

    No one in office did any thing about it, nor did the politicians.

    Lets hope Robertson is joking with his comments regarding hiring sexy women......those phrases were out of style and not considered acceptable back in the 1970s. Women are not to be judged on their looks. They are to be judged on how they preform the duties of their positions. Mr. Robertson appears to take the position, blame the victim. that is the position the RCMP has taken for 35 years. Other organizations all over the world, in all sorts of professions have made the "adjustment". surely the RCMP should be able to also. Perhaps the first test they ought to give those attempting to join the RCMP is a psychology test to see if they are inclined to become bullies and sexual predators. the other thing which might have alleviated some of this mess is if the RCMP had been unionized as some other police forces are. at least some of the issues would have made it to an independent arbitrator and then into the court system. There is far too much left to the force itself.

  4. EAF: Who knows if the good old (former) inspector was a predator, or like Bill Cosby, (another dude on trial?) the whole (Hollywood) industry allowed Cosby to help himself to the candy store, while drugging his victims. As we saw with the Jian Ghomeshi debacle, (a former media celebrity at CBC who was also "allowed" to rape women), some rapists just go in for the kill, while others drug their victims.

    My point is that Shields was "allowed" to rape the women from the higher ups, just like good ole Jello puddin' and Mister S and M.

    If you really want to see justice, criminally charge the whole RCMP upper brass with complicity, including the commish, Dudley Do Right.

  5. Looks like mr Tim shields is getting what he deserves , after all these years .... What a disgrace


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