Monday, February 27, 2017

The Canadian and American Budgets: State of the Fraud

The US Media were all over Trumps budget. It is insanely painful to watch the CIA's ridiculous spam using the mainstream media like a puppet of propaganda. They are still going on and on about the false claim that Russia hacked the US election. No they didn't, the Mainstream media lied in their polls just like they lied about Iraq's weapons of Mass Destruction.

The main thrust of the American budget was to do away with Obamacare and increase military spending to record levels. Now I'm all for military spending. Canada could improve greatly in this area. It's just that I'm for smart spending and fiscally responsible spending. The Boeing super hornet is good, the F-35 are not. THAAD missile defense is good but the Rafael is better. Canada should have some of these like Israel's Iron Dome.

Increasing the Pentagon's budget to record levels is nothing to be happy about. The Pentagon cannot account for half of what it spends. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon couldn't account for 3 trillion dollars. After 9/11 that figure went right off the charts. If that is not organized crime, I don't know what it.

In Canada Harm Promotion is hell bent on destroying our public healthcare system with prescription heroin and the perpetual pharmaceutical fraud that we are funding with tax dollars. On top of that, the BC Hydro fraud has pushed us right to the edge of the fiscal cliff. Christy Clark's perpetual fudge it budgets keep hiding that fact with smoke and mirrors but unfortunately no sleight of hand with make that criminal act of fraud go away. The only thing that will fix that fraud is by bringing back the private power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates. Terson Gas is fine but the power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro are not. That fraud needs to be addressed this election while we still can.

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  1. Trumps suggestion the U.S.A. increase military spending by $54B or so is just plan nuts. On the other hand his friends in the business will make a lot of money. the infrastructure is falling apart and he wants to spend $54b on military assets. not the brightest boy.

    As to Russian influences on the American election, lets hold off on making any definitive decisions on that one for awhile yet.

    All those debts B.C. Hydro has, well that goes back to the el gordo days when he decided B.C. ought to have run of the river electrical projects. Some got in on that action and signed 25 to 35 year deals to sell their power at approx. 10 cents when Hydro could only sell it to its customers for 3 cents. then add in some of the appointments to B.C., some of them couldn't run a lemon aid stand, in my opinion, then Christy and el gordo force B.C. Hydro to kick over $500M every year which they had to borrow so the province had a "balanced budget", yes we look more and more like Detroit North in the making.
    Oh lets not forget the stupid meters which cost a billion and the guy who got that contract was not unrelated to el gordo, the Christy's Site C Dam for a min. of $8 billion and all the while hospitals aren't adequately funded and the disabled don't have enough to live on...........

    Oh well the people of B.C. have been voting B.C. Lieberal for over 15 years so it isnt' the B.C. Lieberals who are only at fault for the problems in this province, its the voters.

    1. Yes but people are afraid of the NPD for good reason. It's party their fault as well. The NDP could fix the BC Hydro fraud but I have a feeling they won't fix the Harm promotion fraud.

      I admit that Trump doing away with Obama Care then increasing military spending for the Pentagon who can't account for half of what they spend is displaced. However, this Russia hacked the election claim is just plain ridiculous and shows how much power the CIA has over the media and how stupid the general public is.

      Hillary sold Russia weapons grade Uranium. That was real. Russia hacking the election is nonsense yet the CIA keep going on and on about it because they want a drug trafficker and an arms dealer back in office.


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