Friday, February 10, 2017

David Revell's deportation hearing

Here's an interesting chain of events. I am told that David Revell, who was convicted of cocaine trafficking in Kelowna tied to the Hells Angels is now facing a deportation hearing because he is originally from the UK. I'm told he was due to be in court yesterday but I was unable to attend.

He is an associate of David Giles and was convicted of cocaine trafficking. In fact police wiretaps heard Giles claim Revell made him $30,000 in several months. The Crown couldn't prove it was through criminal activity although the Defense couldn't show what legitimate business it was from. Richard Rempel, another Hells Angels associate was David Revell's coacused.

In 2012 David Revell was charged with domestic assault but here's the twist. In 2005 David Revell and a whole whack of co accused appealed a court decision and failed. The interesting part is take a look at all the high profile names in the list of co accused appealing the same court decision. They're all Hells Angels and associates. Of course we see David Giles and Richard Rempel, but take a look at some of the other names:

Randy Potts, John Punko, Ron, Lising WTF? It even has Jonathon Bryce in that list. It's got CJ Barroby the Hells Angels associate who was given house arrest by Peter Leask for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels and now providers strippers to Shakerz / Tbarz. It even has Ryan the Surrey Hells Angels crystal meth cook that cooked meth for John Punko. That is certainly an interesting list of suspects so it is. What on earth were all they doing in Kelowna?

This must have been related to the EPandora bust since it names Jason Brown as a Hells Angels associate who was later found with Red Scorpion gear after the Surrey Six take over of that gang on behalf of the Hells Angles.

I have no problem with immigrants being deported if they engage in legitimate criminal activity. Working without a visa does not constitute legitimate criminal activity in my mind neither does simple membership in the Hells Angels. Cocaine trafficking does and so does rape. I just have a problem with fake news because Operation Northwoods was real and I do believe a lot of sensationalized events are orchestrated. Most of these events just don't make sense.


  1. Don't know how long the man lived in Canada. If it is a minor offense I'm against people being deported. Even in very serious offenses, if the person was brought to Canada as a child, then even if they are not citizens, they are Canada's problem and deporting them, just isn't on. why ship our problems some where else. You broke it, you fix it.

    1. Ya right, maybe one day Vince Li I mean Will Bakker would make a good neighbor for you. Can you believe they granted him citizenship after he chopped off Tim McLeans head, our country is deteriorating because of naive do goody good busy bodies who believe the world is all peace and love and happiness with no real world experience or concept of evil.

    2. Yes the Vince Li case is disgusting:


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