Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fentanyl Fraud Exposed

A local activist sent me this link to a Youtube video they made exposing how the Fentanyl Fraud is tied to campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical companies. He consistently raises valid points. I will add that adolescents shouldn't smoke pot and agree arresting more people for pot than for violent crime is insane. CBD is good, THC is not.

However, the point of the video is the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are literally making a killing off of the Fentanyl Fraud which is tied to advocates like Larry Campbell and Health Canada. This is why the Christy Clark government is spending massive amounts of tax dollars on harm promotion instead of treatment. The real criminals here are wearing suits and ties.

The Youtube video on the Fentanyl Fraud also names the BCIMC who as we know, defrauded the English Family out of their livelihood and a resort property worth millions of dollars near Tofino.

Citizens United Against the BCIMC


  1. So which companies are making the killing? Blaming an industry seems easy, but maybe a little unfair.


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