Monday, February 6, 2017

Facing the Storm: Looking Beyond the Left and Right

There has been such a bizarre whirlwind of hate and intolerance and such a heartwarming response to it that I thought I'd make a few simple clarifications on a point of order so that we are all on the same page. Those who have a problem with that are free to turn the page and move on elsewhere. This is not a Hells Angels support group.

I most certainly do believe in free speech. If someone wants to spam the internet with their opinion about how wonderful the Hells Angels are, they are free to do so. Just not on my blog. This is the wrong place for that. The internet is full of Hells Angles support sites. This is not one of them. This is a small corner of cyberspace devoted to the alternate view.

This blog does not support Hillary Clinton. As far as I'm concerned she is a dirty criminal who has been deeply involved with arms dealing, money laundering and drug trafficking for a generation ever since Mena, Arkansas. Initially I had huge concerns with Donald Trump winning the nomination for the Republican Party. His beef with the CIA was a good thing. My concern was with his racism and intolerance. Time has already shown that those concerns are and were valid.

I am not going to approve comments that hate on Muslims, Jews, Catholics or anyone else. I do not support Donald Trump's recent executive order on immigration. It is not because I have been brainwashed by the main stream media. It is simply because I disagree with it. I totally agree that the Americans are free to ban whoever they want from visiting their country. I will simply say that is not the type of society I want to live in and that is not the type of society the Constitution was framed to create. That's all there is to it.

I attended a candlelight vigil at a mosque in Vancouver where a Jewish Rabbi spoke in support of religious freedom and tolerance. I totally support that. There are extremists in every religion, trade union or political party under the sun. There is good and bad everywhere you go.

Donald Trump has completely lost my support. When he was beefing with the CIA I saw that as an opportunity for him to do something positive. Unfortunately he dropped the ball and steamrolled ahead right into their false flag agenda of hate and intolerance rationalizing the destruction of civil liberty and the US Constitution. Donald Trump is a prick and I don't mean that in a nice way. I set up a twitter account and started following him. Every post he keeps making over and over again is racist, arrogant and negative. I finally had to unsubscribe to that toxic waste because it was too much for me to stomach.

Initially I tried to rationalize Trump's election by stating not everyone that voted for him are racist. Evidently many are and I cannot support that. Some claim the executive order isn't racist but it is. Former Mayor Giuliani came right out and said Donald Trump came to him wanting a Muslim ban and asked him how they could do it legally so this is what they came up with. They picked seven countries that were predominately Muslim and went from there. Trailrunner says Muslims are the problem, its a cultural thing. He's going to have to post that perpetual hate somewhere else as is anyone else who wants to promote Trumps racism. This is not the place for that.

There are tons of neoNaazi whitesupremecists sites out there. This is not one of them. You guys are going to have to dance with your white sheets over your head somewhere else. All I can say is that I'll see you on the other side. Not the way Ozzy Osbourn meant but they way they meant in the song Some Nights except I know exactly what I stand for. I'll see you on the other side of the battle field because the freedom of religion is what wars are fought over and you are on the wrong side of that war. As the brother form Boston said, who on earth would want a union with a group of people who fought a war for the right to keep slaves? Not me.


  1. You are absolutely right to call for a move beyond the left and right.

    It can be proven the left/right spectrum is artificial and a lie (the simple fact anyone can go "too far" one way to the left or the right and end up on the other end of the "spectrum" proves it is nothing more than a circle).

    Capitalism and communism are the twins heads of that same coin.

    Both are modern constructs. Both go against anything the world economically operated with previously. The fact both try to show how everything in the past was so "backward" and "primitive" and negative is a proof they are trying to hide something (when they refuse to examine the past in any objectivity and refuse to dialogue about it).

    Personally, I am not convinced Trump is a racist. I have personally never heard him state anything racist and I think if he ever had, it would be all over the news (it would be constantly shoved down our throats).

    Islam is neither a race nor an ethnicity and people of all races are Muslim (Malcolm X changed his ideology against the "blue eyed devils" when he travelled to Mecca for the first time and realized there were hardly any Blacks and a great deal of fair haired and blue eyed people. He realized that Islam accepts anyone (who accepts that religion).

    I do not think Trump really has a religion. He mentions Christianity and I have seen a picture of him posing with an Holy Bible, but I do not think he lives a very strict Christian life (divorce, remarriage). He may be on a journey, as so many of us are.

    I do remember news reports of him stating he did not understand Islam and why there are so many Islamic terrorists and that "we need to stop them coming to our country until we can figure out what is going on" - or something to that extent.

    As I posted previously, he picked those 7 countries because the previous administration (Obama) had selected and identified those countries as having high levels of known terrorists as their nationals coupled with a lack of governmental ability to curb their actions or deal with known terrorists.

    Back to the left and right swindle, you need to pick up a copy of Hillaire Belloc's 'The Servile State'. It addresses these very issues. G.K. Chesteron wrote a lot on Distributism (the alternative to the left and right scam) as well. I will think you will find both authors to be very informative and entertaining.

    (If you like mysteries, Chesteton is the author of the 'Fr. Brown Mysteries' - a series whose popularity is only second to Doyle's 'Sherlock Holmes'.)

    1. I have always said draw a line in the sand and call it democracy. The further you get away from that line to the left or the right the further away from democracy you get and the closer you get to dictatorship. It is indeed a circle not a line. Both extremes end up at the same place.

      I oppose Trump's executive order on immigration not because I am left wing, but because it violates the Constitution and is not the type of society that I want t live in. Every word that comes out of that guy's mouth is racist, arrogant and negative. He is not a moral man.

  2. Bout time to see you get off trumps dick I'm no Hilary supporter but I am still in disbelief you'd say his false beef with the CIA was good you should of not of been so gullible. Go Bernie Go

    1. I don't think his beef with the CIA was false. The CIA were and still are spamming the mainstream media with nonsense because Hillary was their grand champion supporting their drug trafficking network from Operation Fast and Furious right back to Mena Arkansas.

      The Mainstream media is a complete joke. This guy is getting way more attention than he deserves. I just don't support his racism. That's not the kind of society I want to live in. That doesn't mean I'm a left wing extremists. It just means I believe in the US Constitution and the free republic it was designed to create.

  3. I find it hard to believe that Evan "McMuffin", the LDS ex-CIA officer who declared as an Independent candidate (LOL) for President AFTER Trump won the nomination did it all on his own. You just know he didn't. He was put forth by Romney and the Republican Establishment to try and win Nevada, Utah and Idaho by getting all the LDS votes, or at least be a spoiler, tilting the balance toward Hillary to prevent Trump from winning those states and being elected POTUS. As we all know, it didn't work.

    1. I think there were two groups within the republican party that had concerns with Trump. The Bush cartel that were part of the Bush Clinton drug dealing fraud and those who support a free republic that oppose his racism. Since Evan McMullin was former CIA his motivation could quite possibly have been to split the vote so the ultimate CIA candidate would have gotten in. As you say it didn't work. Utah voted for Trump:

      However, the LDS Church who never normally gets involved in politics did issue a statement denouncing Trumps travel ban targeting Muslims:

      CNN reported that is was frightely reminisent of the travel ban plavced on Mormons in 1879:

      Perhaps that's why many Jewish Rabbis have spoken up against the ban. They support religious freedom because they know where religious discrimination leads.

  4. The LDS leadership and the Republican Establishment are thicker than thieves, because they are both globalists. (Romney is a cross-over with a foot in both camps) Their approach to it, their history of it, and their vision of the final result are different (an LDS world where everyone is a Mormon, sound familiar?) but for now, birds of a feather. One see's through the eyes of "A New World Order", the other has overcome it's restrictions whereby blacks could not be ordained to the lay priesthood until 1978 in the interests of expanding it's world wide membership. These days the LDS Church is attempting to expand it's influence in Africa, China and elsewhere along with the usual "missionary" programs in most other countries.

    You also have to remember that what the leadership of the LDS Church wants and what their members want is not always the same thing. LDS members were supposed to "know" to vote for McMuffinhead, (it was pretty obvious who was backing him) and yet they didn't. Trump took Utah no problem. Republicans were supposed to know to vote for Jebby Bush, or Marco, or a statist Dem disguised as a Republican like Kasich. You saw how that worked out. In America the power elites still have to be able to hoodwink the masses into going along with their schemes. It doesn't work so well anymore. People are tired of it. Hence Trump.

    You are dreaming if you think there is anyone in the Republican Establishment "who supports a free Republic that opposes Trump's (supposed) racism". They DGAF about a free Republic, they and the Dem radical left (but I repeat myself) have been colluding for years, why do you think prominent Repubs like McCain, Graham, Ryan, and McConnell didn't want Trump elected. They'd rather have Hillary, at least they can do business with her. Or at least they thought they could. With the Clinton's, all you have to do is pay them and it's all good, a few mill to the Foundation and things happen. They were just too open about it, they were too busy raking in the cash to have any time left over to cover it all up, plus they're arrogant and entitled. People like that never think they are doing anything wrong anyway.

    1. Holy crack pipes Batman you can't stereotype everyone all the time. Mormons weren't told to vote for McMullin. A lot of Mormons did support Romney but many members of the Church had concerns he had the same gadianton robber friends Bush did.

      I know a little bit about the Mormons. Like Bo Gritz of old, I used to be one. I have many friends who still are. Some are wingnuts but most are very hard working family men and women who are deeply devoted to God, Country, Family and Community. They are busy people that's for sure. I have a good friend who is a Mormon bishop. I still do security for them when they hand out clothes to the homeless in the DTES.

      However, like I previously said, I personally have distanced myself from all organized religion. Yet like Thomas Paine of old I still passionately support the freedom of religion. Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the right hand man of the Mormon Pope said he was a refugee himself twice:

      There are indeed tons of people in the Republican Establishment who support a free republic and oppose Trump's racism. I am one of them. Evidently the leaders of the LDS Church do as well. In Ireland a republican isn't someone who supports George Bush. In Ireland a republican is someone who believes in a free republic. Read the Irish Proclamation and tell me that isn't inspired:

  5. You are correct, Mormons were not told right out to vote for McMuffin. That's not how this kind of thing works, you of all people should know that. If it did there would be hard evidence for all the conspiracies rather than hard evidence for just a few and a chain of highly improbable circumstance for the rest.

    Mormons, especially those who can trace their ancestry in the church back to the late 1800's are VERY aware of the facts of LDS persecution back then, and it sensitizes them to the issue in much as the same way as the holocaust and the pogroms that preceded it for centuries does with the Jews. Don't make the mistake of thinking I don't know any Mormons. You might know a few more than me but it would be close. They're great folks generally speaking, more so than any other one group I can name.

    You are not predisposed to believe this, but I believe in freedom of religion as well, AS LONG AS A GIVEN RELIGION SUPPORTS THE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP OF OTHER RELIGIONS. You know what I mean. And if they don't, that's the point where I have a problem with them. Because THAT is un-American. If you guys can make it work in Canada, great. We'll see. But it's not working with those folks in Europe, and as you know we've had more than a few incidents here down south. Changed the face of New York real estate so it did, as you may remember.

    Your definition of and understanding of today's Republican Establishment is sorely lacking. They are just the other side of the coin/problem from the radical left who have taken over the Democratic Party in the last 50 years. How very effectively the left has been able to make people forget all those Dem klan members who opposed civil rights. If you have a moment, do up a tally of the number of Democratic Party US Congressmen, US Senators, and state Governors who were Klansmen or who actively opposed integration. Then do the same for Republicans. You'll find quite a few of the former, I don't know of any of the latter.

    But you are right boyo, the Easter Proclamation is no less inspired than the Declaration of Independence.

    1. You are correct many Mormons and Jews both oppose Trump's travel ban because they remember times in history when they too were persecuted. Yet your hate for all Muslims is reminiscent of whites in South Africa.

      I know two white guys from South Africa who are complete assholes. They claim everything was fine there until they gave blacks the right to vote. If you dont like black people then stay the f*ck out of their country. I don't support any form of racism. Neither does the Irish Proclamation or the US Constitution.

      Some elements of the Trump camp are just as blindly cult like as some of the Hillary supporters. You're quite right in that some of Hillary's supporters are radical left just like some of Trumps supporters are radial right.

      There was an article in the paper recently saying how a woman in California divorced her husband because he voted for Trump. That was a deal breaker because she was a staunch left wing socialist. She said that as if somehow that was a good thing. There is no freedom of religion under socialism.


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