Thursday, February 23, 2023

Chilliwack school Libraries promote incest

Update: Drea Humphrey from Rebel News is covering the story about Chilliwack Grooming

This is the perfect example of how the fake news promotes things it should not be promoting. Global and Bill Gates' Satanic News Network is reporting that "No, books in Chilliwack school libraries aren’t child pornography, RCMP says." This is a fake fact checker gone wrong.

Notice the spin. They are trying to justify inappropriate books in school libraries by misrepresenting valid concerns. The book promotes incest. One could also argue that the book The Long Dark Shadow which promotes pedophilia doesn't technically contain child pornography, it just presents arguments in support of pedophilia and child pornography. The bottom line is that the book is simply not appropriate for anyone especially children. Quoting a RCMP source that claims the material is not illegal doesn't make it right.

Bill Gates is a bad man. Global is promoting things it should not promote. Here we have a fruit loop with green hair who shouldn't be anywhere near children sitting in a position of authority promoting things to young children that shouldn't be promoted. It starts off with a war on religion, then slides down the slippery slope and evolves into a war on morality and a war on what's right. It becomes a war of good and evil. As I said, the theme for the new year is the struggle between good and evil continues because it is always misrepresented.

It's like Balenciaga bragging about a bad court decision allowing child pornography. This is not right and they are promoting a whole bunch of things that should not be promoted. This is what Ron DeSantis opposed in Florida and so should we.
The fake news lied about the parents in Chilliwack complaining about a book in the school library that normalized incest. The fake news said those parents were religions extremists trying to ban books. The book normalized incest. Why on earth would the fake news even consider promoting that? The book is about two little girls. They are sisters. One of the sisters is being sexually abuse by their father, the other is not. The girl who isn't being sexually abuse becomes jealous of the girl who is. If you promote that then you are mentally deranged. Shame on you.


  1. OMG! UN-frigging-believable! Her side kick - Carin Bodnar is just as bad. She's filed a defamation suit against an ex-counsellor who called her a derogatory term in reference to being a "strip tease" in her ridiculous YouTube video. She's dressed in her underwear, go-go boots, swinging from a make-shift wrecking ball, pretending to be Miley Cirus, chanting some version of her science! Yeah right! I got more from Bill-Nye-The-Science-Guy than this tramp will ever teach. Seriously, you put yourself out there on YouTube in some unprofessional video and expect no criticism? Then cry defamation! Now the schools are teaching anything but life skills. Here's a thought, how's about teaching these kids financial aspects of life - forget their "sexual preferences" most don't even know what a debit/credit is and they believe credit cards are an endless source of cash. Time to throw all this gobble goop of diversity, inclusion etc.etc. out the window. Lets return to teaching our kids to READ, Write, Math, History, Finance, Politics (how it works-why voting matters) Democracy, Freedom ... so much more than "sexual perversion crap."

  2. The book details:
    Detailed description of child-on-child sexual abuse
    Detailed description of consensual sex
    Violence against a young child by older children
    Gender identity issues, struggle against social conditioning
    Brief discussion of alcohol and marijuana use

  3. Chilliwack SD is corrupt, incompetent and full of nepotism. Chilliwack is hiring “ Teachers” without backgrounds in Teaching. You no longer have to have a 2 year education degree to teach elementary children.

    1. Yeah, heres a disaster waiting to happen, this will be where that “background check” keeps child predators from entering the system…. Wait for those who have fallen thru due-diligence and security cracks and commits crime against children, then everyone will wonder how that happened?

    2. That's amazing. "Teachers Wanted, No Experience or Training
      Necessary". What could go wrong here.....Could it be they have uneducated (as in no college degree) people who will just "teach out of the book" and the books are full of woke globalist indoctrination?

  4. Just because something may not meet one investigator’s definition does not mean it would with another.

    Perhaps the complaints should state “obscene”?

    Anyone is able to file such a complaint and individuals should do so on their own.

    If enough people do, they will reopen the investigation and quite possibly find in favour of the complaints.

    This is where we can take some power back and exercise our voice to make positive change!

  5. There's no need for such books in a public school library. None.

    1. Nor should it be on the school curriculum. Kids should not be writing book reports on those topics. That's called grooming.

  6. My letter to the chilliwack editor, didn’t print. I suspect because the paper is “scared” to be printing any words outside the law that could be considered hate speech, I guess.

    That entire diatribe from the Board Chair reeks of communism! Clearly, if one challenge’s or questions the personal beliefs of Board members and expresses the questionable delivery/access of material that is offensive to parents and their values they teach their children, then the Board simply applies policy (those are just company rules/guidelines, not a criminal offence BTW) to support the very unsupportive indoctrination of sexual education upon very young, very impressionable, age inappropriate students. It is time to LISTEN to the parents/community! This indoctrination of sexual rubbish does not belong in school age children. Let us return to the intent and purpose of education, math, reading, writing, finance, skills for future employment, skills that contribute to society. Schools are not a forum for social reform and certainly not intended for sexual indoctrination! Teaching children “social” skills and manners is the duty of parents, in fact, children should have all those sound and good values BEFORE entering the school system, then they are a pleasure to teach and already have good values/manners. No more absentee parents, no more helicopter parents. Parents need to do their duty as parents, invoke their job description as parents and stop burdening the school system with executing social values, morales and sexual propaganda.

    1. That's the thing. Oposing incenst and pedophelia isn't hate speech.


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