Thursday, February 2, 2023

Justin's Fertilizer Tax to increase inflation

Speaking of bat sh*t crazy, True North is reporting that "Feds knew fertilizer targets would harm Canadian farm crop production." Justin the Freak Trudeau wants to create Canadian food shortages by introducing an Orwellian ban on farming. This has nothing to do with protecting the environment. This is about creating food shortages just like his idol Chairman Mao did.

Farming is the greenest thing you can do for the planet. Farming involves growing plants that consume CO2 and produce Oxygen. That's what we want. When soil has been stripped of it's nutrients it needs to be fertilized. That is the environmental ecosystem we are all a part of.

Zero CO2 emissions is apocalyptic. With zero CO2 emissions all plant life on earth will die. There will be no green left. If there's no plant life left then there's no oxygen either and we all die. Justin Trudeau and the World Economic Forum are liars. They do not care about protecting the planet or the environment. They want to protect their monopoly on profit. That is all.

Raising the price of fuel by cutting domestic production raises the price of food and everything we buy in stores because it gets transported there by truck. Cutting domestic production also increases CO2 emissions. Using domestic production with a pipeline creates zero transportation emissions. Transporting oil from Saudi in support of their monopoly creates a lot more emissions.

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  1. All the oil the US imports via oil tankers the co2 emissions those emit, are equal too 2 times of all the emissions from California in 1 year. So importing of oil is hard on the environment vs green oil pipelines... We are doomed if JT🤡 stays in power!!


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