Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Future of Surrey: Reflecting on my crib

I took my bike in to get some work done on it today and took the Skytrain back to Surrey while it was getting fixed. I was walking down the street doing errands and notice a middle aged white woman had just crossed the road. It wasn't a busy street and there wasn't any intersections nearby. Yet a white guy in a work truck honked at her as if to say don't jay walk. She looked him in the eye and flipped him the bird. I laughed and thought to myself welcome back to Surrey.

As I was coming out of Canadian Tire there was a brown guy and a white guy in a bit of a scuffle. As I circled around to see if I needed to intervene, I noticed the brown guy was getting physical with the white guy and the white guy was talking back to him. Then I see the white guy is holding a crystal meth pipe up high. It looked like the brown guy was a LPO for the store and he had another bigger brown guy standing behind him for back up. Looked like he was security. I just smiled and walked away saying nope. I'm not getting involved in that. Unless of course the brown guys need back up. That white trash meth head is a sh*t stain in our community.

I'll tell ya this: there are a lot of low life criminals in the city that are adicted to drugs. Yet they're mostly white. You rarely see brown guys or Asians who are addicted to drugs stealing things. It's mostly white guys. That's the way it has always been in Surrey. I grew up here.

I grew up with the Surrey jokes. They used to say hey did ya hear Vancouver got a new prison? They put a fence around Surrey. Or what's the difference between a Surrey girl and a Rolls-Royce? Not everyone's been in a Rolls-Royce. Yet Surrey has really made a huge amount of progress and they have immigration to thank for it. I'm really perplexed by the term minority. When you travel around the world you quickly see that white people are the minority.

My son was overseas playing in an orchestra. Someone came up to him and asked him how it felt to be the only white person in the entire orchestra. They asked if it made him feel uncomfortable. He was kind of surprised by the question and said no, it kinda feels like my high school growing up. That's one of the reasons I wanted to raise my kids here. It's very multicultural.

Anthem Properties is reporting that "With over 1,000 new residents making the move to Surrey every month, it’s safe to say that the city’s popularity is increasing fast, with no signs of slowing down." They state that Surrey is the second-largest city by population in British Columbia and is well on its way to becoming BC’s largest city within the next decade. Why is that? Because of immigration. People moving here from other parts of the country and world.

A lot of people from small towns all around the world complain about there being no jobs there. That's why they move to big cities in search of employment. Immigration means economic growth. More houses being built. More people going to restaurants and consuming things. That means more jobs. You don't see people in Surrey protesting immigration. They understand the benefits of immigration. All this immigration is helping lift Surrey out of it's negative history.

Surrey will soon be larger than Vancouver. That's because Vancouver is grid locked. They can only build up. Surrey can build up and out. So can Langley. The Mormons built a Temple in Langley and all around that Temple high density housing has exploded. I was born in North Vancouver. That is very high end but it is especially grid locked. They have nowhere to expand to. Only up but their infrastructure can't take it. That means Surrey will soon become BC's largest City. Which doesn't mean much because Toronto and Montreal has way more population than Metro Vancouver. I'm just pointing out that growth is good and has benefited Surrey greatly.

A few years ago a coworker said to me "You go to the gym in Surrey? That's full of brown guys isn't it?" I'm like yeah, it's Surrey. I grew up there. It not a problem. East Indians have a long history of military service. Many Indo Canadians work in security helping keep people safe and prevent theft. Many are beloved truckers. Yes a lot of the young brown kids can get swept up in the gang life but I'll tell you one thing about the brown kids - they respect their elders. It's part of their culture. Our white kids could learn from them. I'm an old man. I am in no way threatening. Yet I can't tell you how many times these young kids call me sir. I almost cringe when I hear it. They are in no way trying to be disrespectful. They're being very respectful and I appreciate it. All the brown guys at the gym, young and old, are very polite and friendly.

Surrey has many other ethnic communities as well. Several years ago my daughter was waiting in the car while I picked up a few groceries at Superstore. As I was coming back to the car a white guy had just mugged an elderly Korean woman. He took her purse and started walking away.

The woman started screaming for help in Korean. It just so happened she was right beside a baseball diamond at a park and a large group of young Korean men were playing baseball there at the time. As soon as they heard her screams they dropped what they were doing and came running to her aid. The white mugger started to run so they chased him down.

One of the kids found him but was having difficulty restraining him so I assisted with the take down. We formed a perimeter and held him until the police came. I said to the guy what the hell were you thinking? This is the safest parking lot in Surrey. I know the security guard who workers here. You're lucky he's not here today. He starts to plead with me and says yo man I can't go back to jail. I laughed and said you're not going to jail. Our judicial system sucks but you can't be doing that sh*t here. This is our crib.

Since then the government opened up a treatment centre and the place is full of white addicts stealing sh*t and causing problems. I'd trade those Korean kids for those white addicts in a heartbeat. A couple of months ago I saw a pretty white girl sitting on the side of the road there smoking a crystal meth pipe. I thought to myself God damn the pusher. They'll be pimping her out until the drug eats her alive and she can't earn any more money. Then she'll end up dead. Helping her kill herself like that is not compassion. It's evil.

They say violence never solves anything. That is simply not true. Maybe not violence but physical force sure does. That's the only thing those guys understand. That LPO roughing up that meth head I saw today understood that. My daughter used to work as a manager for Safeway in Whalley before they shut it down. She'd get in fights with crack heads stealing sh*t all the time. She was friends with several of the brown security guards and LPO officers. Technically they had a no chase no force caveat from their employer but they were like f*ck that. They were not afraid to get physical. They knew if they didn't those drug addicts would be literally walking out the door with grocery carts full of merchandise. Immigration is good. Promoting crime and addiction is not.


  1. The same could be said for Canada.

  2. That was the plan all along... straight out of the classics of subversive warfare, from Sun Tzu to Lenin, "how to weaken your enemy" and win without fighting. But, no one listens. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". But, no one listened. And here we are.


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