Friday, February 3, 2023

Damion Ryan facing firearms offences in Ottawa

CTV is reporting that "Two people are facing charges, including an alleged full-patch Hells Angels member, after police discovered 12 illegal handguns at an Ottawa home. The RCMP says in February 2022, officers conducted a search at an Ottawa residence in support of an international organized crime investigation led by the Winnipeg RCMP." Nice work.

"The search of the residence in Ottawa resulted in the discovery of twelve illegal handguns, a number of prohibited high-capacity magazines, ammunition, and a device used to convert a semi-automatic pistol to fully automatic. Many of the firearms were loaded." The RCMP says the illegal handguns were imported from the United States, and were to be used for personal protection and distributed into the hands of criminal organization members in Canada."

That's what we've been saying all along. Criminals do not use legal handguns that have been registered in Canada to commit criminal offenses because they are traceable. They use throw aways they smuggle them in from the US because they are not registered and not traceable.

"The RCMP says one of the accused, 41-year-old Damion Patrick Ryan, is a full patch member of the Hells Angels with the Attica chapter in Greece. Ryan was arrested in Ottawa and will appear in court on Feb. 15." Damion Ryan? AYFKM? This is the guy the CFSEU had on their payroll. He rolled on people he hired to commit murder and in exchange they let him run the drugs in the DTES. He was finally busted in Ottawa by the Winnipeg RCMP. Twice now.

Canadian gun trafficker arrested in Rochester, New York

This guy busted in Rochester was working out of Ottawa. It's likely he was with the Driftwood Crips the Hells Angels brought into Vancouver and Surrey. The guy Damion Ryan rolled on was with the Driftwood Crips. Damion Ryan got his patch with the Ontario Village Idiots. After the Quebec chapter disbanded them he was farmed out to Greece with Robby Alkhalil. That's where he got his filthy few patch when he capped Larry Amero's coaccused who came to him for help. He was in charge of selling drugs for the Wolf Pack in the DTES. He hired lil man to cap Mo.

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