Saturday, February 11, 2023

Larry Amero: Closing Arguments - Crime Doesn't Pay

Since we are waiting for Larry Amero's barrage of hail Mary appeals to be heard before he is sentenced for murder and the obscene abuse of process to finally end I thought it might be timely to submit a closing argument so to speak. Crime doesn't pay. Justice may be delayed but it will not sleep forever. In the end truth will prevail. It might not be in this life but when all is said and done, we are all accountable for what we do. As you sow, so shall ye reap.

Participating in the gang life is very high risk. It's kind of like spinning the roulette wheel or shooting craps. The pay off can be huge but so are the risks involved and greed kills. Greed is a double edged sword that kills both the victims and the assailant. Greed murders rivals to obtain a monopoly and make more profit. This goes for the drug trade as well as the oill industry.

Larry Amero's life is a Cautionary Tale. He's not a role model. He is the perfect example of a lifetime of bad choices. He could have, would have, should have but didn't. A spoilt yuppie from Walnut Grove who missed the boat. Well he did have a ridiculous boat but his ship sank.
Larry Amero said Jonathon Bacon was his best friend. That doesn't happen over night. As I said when I first began this blog, Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon before the Surrey Six. Larry Amero was the driving force behind it. Jonathon Bacon was a preppy a*s b*tch. If he was Larry's best friend, what does that make Larry? A spoilt brat from the burbs.

Jonathon Bacon was the brains behind the Bacon Brother's drug trafficking network. Jamie was a brainless ork and Jared was just an angry young man with no direction in life. Selling drugs while you're living in your parents basement is not very gangster. Neither is getting the 24 hour police protection while you do it. It's actually pretty lame so it is.

The Bacon brothers were not notorious. Anything but. That was a partisan misrepresentation by the fake news. They weren't from Surrey or welcome here. Jamie Bacon couldn't go to the gym without a bodyguard. He actually betrayed several former bodyguards and ordered hits on them. When the hit on DK failed Jamie had Jonathon lie to DK and say it wasn't them because they were afraid of him. They were afraid of DK for f*ck sakes. They were afraid of everyone.

The Bacon brothers did not run Surrey. Ever. The Red Scorpions worked for the UN and Jamie Bacon tried to tax them. Cory Lal laughed at him and told Jamie to f*ck off. That's why Jamie hired someone to kill him. Jamie was unable to tax Cory and was afraid of him.

While the Red Scorpions were running a dial a dope ring out of Surrey, Kerry Ryan was cooking crystal meth for the Hells Angels in Surrey. Jamie Bacon didn't dare try to tax Ryan. He wouldn't have just laughed at him, he would have eaten him for breakfast without a second thought. Ryan was already working for the club. Jamie was just trying to get a piece of the pie.

When Larry Amero was arrested he was sharing a penthouse suite with Robby Alkhalil. Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar have already been convicted of murder. Dean was a hitman and Robby referred to Dean as his best hitter. Robby worked for Larry Amero. Larry has been involved with planing many murders. Just like Jamie Bacon, Larry Amero is afraid of a lot of people. That's why he hires someone to kill people he's afraid of.

This all boils down to greed. These kids were spoilt brats from rich homes. Their greed and insecurity overtook them. They wanted to be something there weren't and in the end it destroyed them just like always. Crime is like a Shakespearean ponzi scheme. A poor player that struts and frets it's hour upon the stage then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. If you want to be something do something but don't do that. That is a dead end. As Martin Luther King declared, anyone can be great because anyone can serve.


  1. Hollywood gangsters...Stay cool.
    Steroids make your nuts shrink.
    Free Clay!

  2. This was very well written and actually made me feel sorry for anyone living like this you the chance to change your life take it before you end up dead or in jail like the man above just said.

  3. Free Clay!!! B.C.needs Honour,Loyalty and Respect!!!

  4. I would disagree that gang life is high risk. To me high risk is when you even have a 1% chance of coming out unscathed and the reality us gang life is 100% chance of betrayal dishonor prison and or death. Especially in todays camera'd up world and rat informant world. There is literally zero chance at any even short term reign let alone any hope of ling term reign. Sure maybe a few years but that isnt even short term to me thats just a moment in time. So Dennis where does this leave Larry? I think hes goin to keep his colors just cause he knows alot of dirt on other members. What are your thoughts?

    1. My thoughts on Larry and his patch? He'll keep his patch. He was on club business. He can't roll on anyone in the club. He was the biggest drug dealer of all of them. They just taxed him. The only people he could roll on are the Driftwood Crips and the people he hired to commit murder like his partner Damion Ryan did. IHIT is so f*cked up they might even cut a deal just to get another headline. I'll see them in hell if they do.


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